AT&T TV Hoped You Wouldn't Notice It Also Raised Prices This Week

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AT&T TV joins the likes of YouTube TV and FuboTV this week, all of whom raised prices on their streaming Live TV services. Their lowest plan starts at $59.99 now, and no longer includes HBO MAX.

Essentially, AT&T TV is raising prices by $10 across the board. And it is dropping the free year of HBO MAX from its entry-level package – but keeping it on Choice and Xtra.

What are the new prices for AT&T TV?

The Entertainment package which has 65 channels, is now going to cost you $59.99 per month. While the Choice package with 90 channels jumps to $64.99. And finally the Xtra package with over 120 channels jumps to $74.99. As mentioned, Choice and Xtra still come with a year of HBO MAX included.


That’s not all though, there are some hidden fees associated with AT&T TV. Firstly, you’re signing up for a two-year contract. So unlike FuboTV and YouTube TV (and many others out there) that don’t require any contract and you can cancel anytime, AT&T TV does not allow that. And the price is going to increase in the second year as well.

On top of that, there is a $19.95 activation fee, and there is also an early termination fee of $15 per month for each month remaining on your two year contract.

Yeah, this looks exactly like the traditional cable that we are all trying to get rid of, AT&T.


AT&T TV was looking attractive, not anymore

When YouTube TV and then FuboTV raised their prices earlier this week to $65 per month, AT&T TV was actually looking quite attractive. Making it one of the cheaper options out there.

However, now that it has also raised its price – albeit still lower than YouTube TV and FuboTV – it doesn’t look as attractive anymore. Neither does the two-year agreement that’s needed and the activation fee.

Remember that AT&T TV is kind of a hybrid between your traditional cable TV and your streaming TV service. It does have a set-top box that they will send you, though it is an Android TV box, so not your traditional cable box. And you don’t need to wait for it to arrive to start watching content. You also have the ability to watch anywhere, with virtual no restrictions, unlike Comcast, where you can only watch some channels outside of your home.


It’s important that before you make the switch to a service like AT&T TV, that you read all the fine print. There’s a lot of “gotcha’s” with AT&T TV.


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