Android Game News July 12 – 17: Crash Bandicoot Mobile Debut & More

Crash Bandicoot On The Run

It’s been a pretty good week for mobile games with both some interesting and unforeseen announcements (like the official announcement of Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!) as well some new game releases.

A Crash Bandicoot mobile game is not exactly a surprise to some. A little earlier this year the game went into a soft launch outside of the US. At that time King had not officially said anything about the game. Even earlier than that screenshots of the game had leaked.

So for the most part some players knew it was coming. This past week is the first time King has made a public announcement however.


Crash Bandicoot: One The Run! is available for pre-registration

Although the game isn’t available officially yet, it’s now up for pre-registration in the US and globally. This means that sometime in the near future you’ll be able to dive into an all new Crash adventure.

This is an endless runner-style game so it won’t be quite like the titles from the regular series PlayStation. It does still have some similarities though and a slightly familiar gameplay feel.

You’ll also be able to encounter many of the recognizable characters from the regular games, like Dr. Neo Crotex, Coco, and of course Crash. While Crash Bandicoot is the main character and you’ll be using him to run through each level, Coco Bandicoot will hold down the base of operations.


As you progress through the game you can upgrade the base by expanding it, which will earn you new stuff to help you through the rest of your journey.

If you’re interested in pre-registering for Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!, you can do so on the Play Store now.


Bandai Namco releases Tales Of Crestoria on Android

Bandai Namco’s Tales Of series is a popular one, and there are more than a few titles in the franchise. The latest one, Tales Of Crestoria, has finally launched on Android as of July 16.

Tales Of Crestoria is a JRPG with some excellent looking graphics, featuring gacha mechanics for collecting new characters from across the different titles in the series.

The first time you boot up the game you’ll be treated to a nice anime intro for the game. Better yet, when you actually get to the gameplay part you’ll get one free summon. What’s more is that you get to choose any one of the characters you want.


There’s a ton of them, so scroll through the list and choose wisely. Because that very first summon is the only time you will get to choose the character and every time thereafter is random.

While this is a fairly big JRPG with a long enough story, it’s not open-world and you can’t really explore. Missions are more on rails and you start them from the map like you would on many of the mobile action RPGs that are there. That’s not really a huge issue though, as the game is fun to play.

Through and through Tales Of Crestoria is a top-tier gaming experience on mobile for JRPG fans. And it’s definitely worth picking it up especially since it’s free.


PUBG Mobile enters Royale Pass Season 14

PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Season 14 Banner

Earlier this week, PUBG Mobile entered into its 14th Royale Pass season which brought along a ton of new content for players.


Of course with each new season players have a new season pass to go through. Which means a lot of new content to unlock as players level up. Some of those available rewards are the Roaring Dragon set items and the Dragon Hunter set items. Both of which are returning from a much earlier season.

This pass also marks the arrival of Prime and Prime Plus pass subscription options. Which offer players exclusive perks. If you’re a PUBG Mobile player, the content should now be live. Go give it a look and start working towards all the new loot.

Stadia Connect reveals new and upcoming games and features

Google held its most recent Stadia Connect event earlier this week on July 14. In it, new and upcoming games were revealed, with some being made available on the day and others being announced for future releases.


Most of the games in fact are future releases, but some of them are very exciting and will give players something to look forward to. As for the games that were released alongside the Stadia Connect event, there were three. Orcs Must Die! 3, One Hand Clapping, and Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris.

Later in the year, players will get to their hands on hit titles such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dead by Daylight, Hitman 1 & 2, Super Bomberman R Online, Serious Sam 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, NBA 2K21, and Hello Neighbor. And next year the highly anticipated co-op third person RPG shooter Outriders will be making its way to Stadia.

New features are finally launching for the service as well with Crowd Choice and Crowd Play. The rest of the year is looking bright for Stadia with new games and features on the way. And of course there’s a new round of deals for both Pro and Base members.

Anime MMO ‘SoulWorker’ is getting a mobile game called SoulWorker Anime Legends

If you play games on PC and you like MMOs, then you may have already heard of SoulWorker. It’s an anime action MMO with some pretty slick combat and of course, anime graphics.

Earlier this week the game’s developers announced that they would officially be releasing a mobile version of SoulWorker called SoulWorker: Anime Legends. The game is slated to be released onto Android sometime in July. There’s only a couple of weeks left of the month, so the game should be arriving relatively soon.

SoulWorker: Anime Legends will feature six different character classes for players to choose from. The game also appears to be pretty similar to the PC version of the game. Though it may not be exactly the same and will probably have a different story as this isn’t supposed to be a port of the original game.

That being said there will be some content from the PC version that has been carried over.

KartRider Rush+ enters season two

KartRider Rush Season Two Banner

A new season of KartRider Rush+ is here complete with new content and a new theme, Celestial Sword.

Included in the latest update are a couple of new characters named Lunaris and Solaris, as well as new accessories that can be unlocked the room decoration called the Bladeboard School.

There are new quests to go through as well. Although these will only be sticking around until July 30, so you’ll want to get them done as soon as possible if you want the rewards from them. Rewards include a code unlock for Solaris, Brush Shards, and the Terra Blade.

There’s a new mini-game too, called Flag Battle, which is sort of like capture the flag. In this mode players will need to find the flag on the track and then take it to the enemy team’s base.

New skill roll out to wizards in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards are getting some new skill trees to enhance their magical powers. Players will need to unlock these new skill trees from the Ministry of Magic’s SOS training, and these will only be available for players that are level 4 and beyond.

If you’re not level 4 yet, then you’ll have some work to do to access these new skills.

New skills will include the Mastery skill which helps you boost your spells, Field Charms to help you find bonus rewards on the map, the new Departure Denial skill to lessen chances that Foundables will try to take off, a reward upgrade skill to increase your chances of getting rewards from Greenhouses, Fortresses, and Family Chests, and various potion brewing enhancements.

All of these should be live in the game now for you the next time you log in. Provided you meet the level requirement of course.