Android 11 Beta 2 Improves Audio Options For Screen Recording

Android 11 Beta Screen Recorder

Android 11 Beta 2 is here and it’s bringing at least one big improvement to screen recording features. Namely, it’s giving users the option to choose what audio to record during captures. As reported, the feature appears to be fully fleshed out too. That seems to indicate that it should make its way over to the final build as well, with only minor adjustments left before the final release of Android 11.

With the latest update, the feature has a refined Quick Settings icon and, when clicked profers a new menu. Google gives users three options for audio recording with a brief explanation just above. Those are found under a drop-down menu after the user turns on the toggle to record audio, to begin with. The company set that togglable option just above the toggle for turning on or off visualizations for screen taps.

The first option, as might be expected is to record audio directly from the microphone. But now, Google has also tacked in an option to only record audio from the device itself. As that implies, that will capture only audio that the device is playing internally. Or users can also choose to record both internal audio playback and via the mic.


This isn’t a new feature but the audio options are welcome

Now, this feature has been known for quite some time without the ability to choose audio options. It is, in fact, among the top Android 11 additions and a core feature of the update. So it’s been in place since the very first developer preview.

In its current form, the feature is unquestionably better though. With the ability to choose audio input sources, screen recording isn’t limited to one or two use cases. Now, users can choose internal audio for capturing playback. For instance, that might be useful for bloggers who are looking to share gameplay for a mobile title.

Conversely, they might also choose to turn off internal audio in order to make a walk-through video for other Android features or an app. Or to leave both audio inputs turned on in order to add commentary over the top of whatever it is they’re trying to capture.

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Summarily, the addition of audio options makes the tool much more versatile than it would otherwise be. And much more useful to a wider audience who may not want to download a third-party screen recording app.

It’s not just video screen recording that’s improving with Android 11

Aside from screen recording as shown in Android 11 Beta 2, this update is expected to include refinements to the screenshot features too. Screenshots have been around in Android for quite some time now so the changes are less dramatic. But they’re important nonetheless since they move the UI and options out of the often hard-to-reach notification shade.

With the new screenshot interface, captures appear in the lower-left-hand corner of the UI. That will place them in easy reach for most users. But the interface also introduces options to share or edit screenshots immediately following capture. There’s an “x” to dismiss the screenshot tool as well.