Amazon Prime Video Finally Launches Individual Profiles

PV Profiles

Amazon Prime Video today launched individual profiles, a feature that just about every other streaming service has had for years.

You’ll be able to create up to six profiles for Amazon Prime Video, and there will be personalized watchlists and recommendations for each profile. This way you and everyone else in your household can have their own profile on Amazon Prime Video.

There will be the main account, and then you can add additional profiles. There are also adults and kids profiles available. This is important as Amazon Prime Video does already have a ton of great kids shows and movies available. So you can have a kid dedicated profile on Amazon Prime Video.


Profiles will be linked through Amazon Prime’s wallet tool. So that each profile can buy content on Prime Video and it’ll all be linked to the same card on your account. You can also set parental controls on the kids account so they are not able to buy stuff without consent.

No customized profile icons though

Unlike some other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video is not going to allow users to customize their profile icons. So you won’t be able to use a character from a show like The Grand Tour or something else that is on Amazon Prime Video. Though, that might be coming in the near future.

Customers also have the option to disable profiles, if they don’t wish to use it. For example, if they don’t share the account with other people in their household. Which can be useful, as that is one more step to go through every time you open up the Amazon Prime Video app.


You’ll be able to create and manage profiles on the Android and iOS versions of the app. As well as 10th-generation or higher Fire tablets and through the Prime Video app on Fire TV. The update is rolling out globally right now, but in phases. So that not everyone is going to get it all at once.

If you are not already a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video, you can subscribe using the link here. It is included with Amazon Prime, but if you only want Amazon Prime Video, it’ll cost you $12.99 per month. It’s cheaper to sign up for Amazon Prime though. As it’s the same price, and you get a lot more benefits from Prime. And you can also pay for it for the whole year at once, which is cheaper.