Amazon Has A New Hub For Prime Members With Exclusive Deals

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Amazon has unveiled a new hub that will have deals that are exclusive to Prime members.

Which means that in order to take advantage of these deals, you’re going to need to be a Prime member – and you can sign up for a free trial here.

Currently, there are not a lot of deals available, that are exclusive to Prime members, the majority of them are apparel, jewelry, and shoes. But expect Amazon to add more to this list in the very near future.


Amazon has done something like this before, but this time it appears to be here to stay. Amazon has had a hub before of exclusive deals for Prime members, but it wasn’t easy to find. That is now over.

This is Amazon’s latest attempt to get more people to sign up for Prime

Amazon is always trying to get more people to sign up for Prime, and to be honest, it’s pretty incredible that every single adult doesn’t already have it.

While Prime is known for the unlimited free next day or two shipping (and same day in some cities), it has also added a bunch of other services to Prime. While it has also raised the price – though it’s still cheaper than Netflix.


Prime offers up a ton of great titles on Prime Video, you also get a discount on Music Unlimited, as well as access to Twitch Prime and much more. It’s really incredible how much you get for just $120 per year.

Offering up exclusive deals that are only available for Amazon Prime members is the latest way to get people to sign up. Even if it is just for a free trial. This is a hub that we will likely see Amazon really leverage with big shopping days like Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire holiday shopping season.

What kind of deals are available?

Right now, most deals are in apparel, jewelry, home and shoes. But there is also a wireless category available.


And there are a few car mounts and battery packs available. We’re also seeing some smartphone cases available in this Prime exclusive sale. And even some wall chargers.

As mentioned already, the pickings are a bit slim right now, but we do expect that to change in the near future, as Amazon is able to add more products to this hub. And as it starts to catch up after the pandemic, filling their warehouse with products once again.