Alpina's New AlpinerX Alive Smartwatch Is Crazy Customizable


Smartwatches aren't usually very customizable, but Alpina is changing that with the AlpinerX Alive, its new smartwatch that comes with a crazy customizable set of options.

The big draw here is the ability to customize the watch with some specific details that fit your personal tastes. And all of that is done in the company's configurator tool. All told the AlpinerX Alive offers 1,500 possible customization options.

While that sounds like a lot and it may seem a little overwhelming, there's only a few different things that you actually choose from in the custom configurator. Because of the amount of options for each piece though, it allows for all those possible combinations.


Aside from the customization possibilities, the AlpinerX Alive smartwatch has a lot more to offer.

"The AlpinerX Alive smartwatch is designed to be your wearable personal trainer"

Customization is a fantastic trait to have, but the AlpinerX isn't designed as just a super customizable device.

It was designed as a smartwatch that can work as your wearable personal trainer. Giving you necessary functions that play into your active lifestyle without adding a bunch of bells and whistles for features you'll never use.


Some of its main headlining features include a Philips-manufactured heart rate monitoring system for accurate and continuous measurements, as well as breathing measurements, VO2 max, and notifications to hydrate yourself.

It also comes with integrated GPS, weather information, and a dynamic coach. All of which can be viewed on a high-resolution AMOLED touch display. There's a companion app too, which connects to the watch to help display all the captured data.

This will be available for both Android and iOS. Beyond all that it can also guide you through workouts and track your exercises. There's even a worldtimer if you need it.


It now comes with a rechargeable battery

The last version of this watch didn't come with a rechargeable battery. This time around it does, and it offers up to seven days of battery life on a single charge.

Which puts it more or less on par with something like the Fitbit Charge 4. A Seven-day battery life isn't groundbreaking, but it is more uncommon for smartwatches. Most Wear OS smartwatches for example last at most up to two days unless you kill off essentially every function.

You won't find Google Assistant integration here. Nor will you be able to see when your Uber ride is pulling up. But this isn't that kind of smartwatch. It focuses mainly on fitness and day to day features. So while you can't connect it to the Play Store, the AlpinerX Alive can still track your sleep, as well as your fitness performance.


You'll pay a pretty penny for features and quality

All that plus the customization does come a cost. And a rather high one. As the AlpinerX Alive will start at $995.

At that price, you'll get the model that comes with the navy fiberglass case, which you can configure with options for the face color, hands, and color/material of the strap. There's also the stainless steel model which costs $1,195 and can be configured in the same ways.

There is a way to save a little money on these watches though. Alpina is offering $200 off to anyone who purchases the new AlpinerX Alive on or before July 31. So while still expensive, you won't be spending as much.


All that being said, this isn't your typical smartwatch. It's sort of a hybrid that fuses together the quality of swiss watchmaking with technological smarts built for today's modern connected world.

In addition to the $200 off if you purchase before the end date of the promotion, Alpina is donating $200 from each watch purchase to the National Parks Foundation.