All Galaxy S21 Variants May Ship With An Exynos SoC


According to a new piece of information that surfaced online, all Samsung Galaxy S21 variants may arrive with an Exynos SoC, the Exynos 1000. This information comes from a ‘Boby25846908’ tipster, who shared it on Twitter.

Granted, you should take this information with a grain of salt. It’s not that we don’t believe the source, but rather the news itself. It’s quite a bit deal, and even the source is careful with this, he said “could”, not “would”.

He actually shared this information as a response to Mauri QHD, another tipster, who shared some more information regarding all that.


Samsung is debating whether using Exynos 1000 exclusively for the Galaxy S21 series is worth it

Mauri QHD claims that Samsung is currently debating the issue internally, so nothing is set in stone yet. The company is trying to figure out if it’s worth using the upcoming Snapdragon 875, according to what he said.

That’s the information he got, at least. He did share more info, though. The source claims the company is even considering using the Snapdragon 865 again next year. That way, it will be able to make more money at the same price point, or even cut down the price a bit.

The Snapdragon 865 will be more affordable next year, of course. Now, this is a scenario I don’t think will come to pass. Using last year’s flagship processor doesn’t look good no matter the way you spin it.


I do believe Samsung will get a lot of negativity thrown its way if it does that. On the flip side, if it ends up using its own Exynos 1000 (presumably that will be its name) SoC, the same may happen.

Samsung had some good Exynos SoCs through the years, but in most cases, they’re behind the latest Snapdragon flagship processor. Many people would say the same for the Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865 comparison.

The company seems to think the Snapdragon 875 is overkill, and it may be expensive

Well, according to the tipster’s information, Samsung considers the Snapdragon 875 to be overkill. Using the Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 1000 would be a more feasible idea in Samsung’s thinking, it seems.


‘Boby25846908’ said that he can confirm the Snapdragon 865 won’t be used, though. So that chip is out of the question, it seems. So, it’s either the Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 1000, or Exynos 1000 only.

The tipster claims that Samsung may go all-in the Exynos 1000. That includes markets like the US and China, where Samsung has been using Snapdragon processors.

The company has been pushing its Exynos processors to Europe and India, though, so that won’t be anything new for those markets. It will be really interesting to see if Samsung will do something like this.