5 Ways to Boost Phone Signal While Outdoors


No one likes getting disconnected. Even when we're outdoors on a trip, camping or just relaxing on a beach, we want to stay in touch, whether for personal or professional reasons. You don't want to make your boss upset by being unable to contact them and you certainly don't want several missed calls from your parents.

But a stable phone connection isn't always widely available. Sure, if you live in the city you probably have, at the very least, a decent connection. Stepping outside the city, however, results in something very different. You'll notice that you don't have as many bars, it's hard to hear the person you're calling and you may not even get connected at all. Even the internet is lacking which is why you might need a Wifi booster as well.

You should know these small tips and tricks to help you catch those bars when you're outside the city.

  • Elevation

The elevation is very important for phone connection. You've probably noticed how when you go into the basement or take the subway, your connection is either very weak or non-existent. When you're outside and having problems with getting bars, get to a higher elevation.

Anything from a small hill or an upwards slope can be enough to improve your phone signal and get you a better connection. Find a slightly higher area to make the calls from and you should get at least a small improvement in your cell signal.

  • Phone Towers

Phone signals aren't directly broadcasted by satellites from space. There are special phone towers all across the globe which disperse the signal making it easier to stay connected.


If you're outdoors and urgently need to get connected as soon as possible, your best bet would be to know where these phone towers are. There are specialized apps for smartphones, like OpenSignal or Network Cell Info, which can locate nearby cell towers.

Pinpointing these towers before you lose your connection gives you an extra layer of assurance since you know which direction to go to restore your signal. But since the apps function with your phone connection, you'll need to take care of this before you lose signal.

  • Phone Problems

Many people fail to remember, that phone damage goes beyond a cracked screen. You may not know it, but the reason for your phone's weak connection could be because of a faulty part inside the phone itself.


If you're experiencing faulty cell connections regularly, it may be a problem with your cell phone itself. You'll have to return it to the manufacturer to see what the problem is and get advice on how to repair it.

But since every phone is built differently, you'll have to get in touch with a professional to get a definitive answer on whether or not it needs repairing. But just in case, look into phone signal boosters as well.

  • Check the SIM

Faulty SIM cards are not common, but they do exist. Or perhaps it got damaged during use. But long story short, they're not indestructible and do require care and in very rare cases, maintenance.


Talk to your cell phone service provider to see if you're applicable for a replacement SIM (the majority of the time you are).

  • Signal Booster

You can also bypass all the previous steps and simply purchase a cell signal booster. This is a great device for anyone having consistently unstable cell phone connection and wants a permanent fix.

The device is divided into three parts, an external antenna, which captures the weak phone signal, an amplifier, which strengthens it, and an internal antenna, which spreads the strong connection out among the devices in its range. Depending on the kind of internal antenna you purchase, it can either strengthen the connection of the devices nearest to it or disperse the signal among all devices in its radius.


There is a large assortment of amplifiers and boosters and you can find them on BoosterPlanet USA. Different variants offer a varying range of coverage, work with different providers, bands, and data types and can be installed in your home, office, hotel, and even boat. It's just a matter of picking the one that fits your needs and the rest, including the installation, is super easy.