10 Best Apps for the S10


After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019, it’s been one of Samsung’s best sellers. To really enjoy your smartphone to the fullest, checkout these 10 best apps for the S10. Ranging from apps to change design to super useful apps, it’s going to create a whole new feel. 


Everyone needs a mobile add to help edit their photos. Whether you’re trying to remove specific items or simply make the image brighter, it’s a necessity. Snapseed is one of the best apps you can get on the Samsung Galaxy S10 for this, it’s even free! Enjoy 29 different tools and filters to help your photos look spotless. From detailing and healing to RAW developing and even image tuning, you’re going to be able to edit your images to a standard like no other. Developed by Google themselves, the app works perfectly with the Android operating systems for a super user friendly platform. 


Files By Google

This is another app that has been developed by Google and is going to really free up some spec on your smartphone. Files By Google is an app that will help you manage your files more efficiently. Not only are you going to create more space, but you can also use the search tool to find apps far easier. Even when you’re offline, you’ll be able to share files with other people at fast speeds. To make even more space without removing certain files, Files by Google will save data to the cloud for you. Although this app is made to help clear up space, it’s going to increase the performance you’re seeing on your phone too. 



You would be lying if you said you weren’t open to feeling happier each day. With Daylio, you’ll be able to track your mood, get suggestions as to how to improve them and so much more. Essentially, this is a diary from the beauty of your phone, but you don’t have to spend your time writing. Whether you’re trying to improve your health, fitness or just your mood, Daylio is the perfect match. This free app will help you create habits that make you reach your goals by analysing which activities are making you happy and are more efficient over a period of time. To make sure that you’re 100% comfortable sharing your moods and daily activity, Daylio doesn’t store or collect your data at all. This is your secret diary and is completely private. 

Hidey Hole

The whole reason for the punch hole camera on the Galaxy S10 was to give an infinity screen you can enjoy. You’ll also notice that it’s got a pretty boring always on display. With Hidey Hole, you can choose from a huge range of different wallpapers that use the punch hole camera in their design. You can pick from a whole range of home screen options and even lock screen wallpapers. These are perfectly adjusted to the size of the S10 screen to make it way easier for you. Even better, this app and all the wallpapers featured in it are completely free. You can easily download as many wallpapers as you want without worrying about coming across any nasty costs. 



Much like the need for a photo editor, you’re going to need a video editor once or twice in your life. Quik is the best free video editor app for anyone with an S10. All you need to do is upload your chosen videos or photos and Quik will do everything else. This app will merge those videos together with different transitions and effects to suit the files uploaded. The best thing about it is that you can upload photos from pretty much anywhere, not just your smartphone. You don’t lose out on any quality or resolution either. In fact, Quik will make sure that your video is at its greatest quality for a truly immersive file. 

Battery Ring


For anyone looking for something to perfectly match the always on display, Battery Ring is a must. With this app, you can adjust your settings to show a ring that will tell you how much battery is left. Even when you aren’t using your phone, the ring will show on the always on display so you know when you’re running low. You can make this feature suit your Samsung S10 perfectly by playing around with some of the functions. Change the colour, size and even placement of the battery ring for a personalised and unique experience. 


Personalising your smartphone can really make it feel completely different, and your own! Whilst there are hundreds of ways you can personalise the Samsung Galaxy S10 without external apps, Borderlight gives you the ability to do something you’ve never seen before. Enjoy your very own colourful motion border, personalised to your taste. You can choose the colour of the light that slowly moves around your screen, or choose a colour scheme for a gradient light. This  is one of the best apps for the S10 because it fits perfectly with the infinity screen. The light will glue itself to the edges of the screen and create a very smooth, snake like line. 



Sometimes, the fonts on smartphones are just boring. You tend to get the same choice of fonts built into the phone and they don’t really cause any excitement. By downloading GxFonts, you can get way more fonts than before all for free. They’re all built into this app so all you need to do is download GxFonts and get using them.. To really create something personal, you can design your very own font. For making your Samsung Galaxy S10 your own, this is something you need. 



Something relatively new to Samsung devices is the Bixby button. This was previously used as the power button and some people just don’t like it. A few built in options allow you to change the use of this button however, they are very limited. With bxActions, you can force the Bixby button to do almost anything. Whether you want to screenshot with a single press or open up your emails, this is the app to allow that. 

Arc Lighting

Another app that’s really going to upgrade the feeling of your always on display is Arc Lighting. If you’re looking for a fun way to receive notifications, charging status, and low battery warnings, this is the app for you. Something the app is currently trialling is the use of these features on always on displays. Customise the lighting on your device, including colours, styles and even animations. Arc Lighting is going to make your smartphone a whole lot more fun and even create a new feel. One of the best features of this app is that the light will sync to the music playing through the S10, creating a light show that suits you. 


All these apps are specific to the Samsung Galaxy S10 so we can’t guarantee they’ll be available on any other devices. If you want to enjoy these, head over to Fonehouse to check out the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals.