YouTube Music Sidebar Broken for some as Part of Google Play Migration

YouTube Music AH NS 03

The migration from Google Play to YouTube Music is not going as smoothly as hoped with the sidebar broken for many as reported by Android Police. The transition to YouTube Music has caused issues for many with delays and other issues. Now its seems making the change is causing a glitch in the software.

Some users have reported that the YouTube side panel has disappeared after transferring their music. This seems to be a problem both on mobile and desktop. The disappearance of the sidebar has been a problem before for YouTube music with this looking like a reoccurring glitch.

Disappearing Sidebar a Reoccuring Glitch

YouTube Music has experienced glitches before with the disappearance of the side panel being one of them. In the past YouTube has responded to the issue by asking users to take several actions. One was to clear browser cache and cookies. Another way, was to uninstall the app if it was on mobile.


Some users have found that logging out then back in temporarily solved the problem. However, most of the time the side panel disappears again after a period of time. One commentator has suggested that removing all the media uploaded to YouTube Music, then removing subscriptions to “Bands”.

For some, this has fixed the problem and restored the sidebar. However, there has been no official comment from YouTube. The company seems unable, for now, to come up with a solution to the problem. Hopefully, this will change soon as it just adds to the issues with transferring from Google Play Music.

More Problems for YouTube Music Transfers

This is not the first problem encountered as part of the migration process from Google Play Music. Back in May, it was possible to sign up for early access to transfer your library across. However, it was not until June before the migration process began to roll out to more people than a select few.


Even after these issues with “high demand” caused delays in the process. As a result, many were left frustrated with the process and wondered when it would be resolved. Transferring your music library was also meant to only take a matter of minutes. However, one user was left waiting for four days whilst the process worked itself through.

Users and the company itself will hope that this issue can be fixed with relative ease. The option to transfer from Google Play Music was designed to help users with UI frustration. However, thus far the process has been plagued with issues.