'Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5' Global Launch Scheduled For Next Month

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 teaser

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 5 in China yesterday. At the time, the company did not mention when will the device launch to other markets. Now we know it’s coming next month, with a different name. The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will launch under the ‘Mi Smart Band 5’ name in other markets.

This is something Xiaomi mentioned on its official Twitter page. The company shared an image of the Mi Band 5, and used the ‘Mi Smart Band 5’ name on it.

That’s a rather interesting change right there. Up to this point, every single Mi Band fitness tracker had the same name in China and in other markets. We’re not sure why is that changing now.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 will launch in global markets next month

In any case, that’s all the information that the company revealed thus far. The exact launch date is still unknown, as is the device’s price tag. The global Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 will be very similar to the Chinese model.

The only change in terms of hardware could lie in the NFC chip. Both an NFC and non-NFC variants have launched in China. The same may happen elsewhere, but Xiaomi may opt not to offer an NFC model.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 launch in an NFC variant only in Russia thus far, and only recently. So, we don’t know if the Mi Band 5 will ship in two variants, or only one. NFC is expected at this point, by consumers, so Xiaomi will hopefully include it.


Alexa support could be included in the global variant

Another major change in the global model could be the addition of Alexa support. The Chinese model includes Xiaomi’s voice assistant for China, while the global model is rumored to include Alexa support.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 launched with a larger display than its predecessor. It’s still a color OLED display, though. Its silicone band is a bit different, as it uses two colors now. The black color is used where the Mi Band 5 lies, so that it masks it, kind of. It makes this fitness tracker look more like a watch.

The Mi Band 5 also includes more sports modes now, and also PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). Women’s menstrual cycle tool is also included here, as is better sleep tracking.


The Mi Band 5 is ATM5 water resistant, which means you can take it to depths up to 50m for 30 minutes. The device comes in a number of color options, at least the Chinese model does. We’re hoping that those very same color options will be available elsewhere as well.

Xiaomi also included a ton of themes on the Mi Band 5. Many of them are exclusive to China, probably, but you’ll get quite a few themes elsewhere as well, we just don’t know which ones exactly.

Now, in terms of its pricing… well, it’ll be more expensive than the Chinese model. The Chinese variant starts at CNY189 ($27), the global model could be over $30.