Walmart Leaks New Sony WH-1000MX4 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony WH 1000XM3 Main 01

Walmart has recently leaked nearly all the details on the upcoming Sony WH-1000MX4 noise cancelling headphones. Save for images and a couple of other important details.

The new Sony WH-1000MX4 noise cancelling headphones will retail at Walmart for $348. This is according to Pocketnow, who notes the cost. The price however is no longer listed on Walmart's website, so it was likely removed.

Walmart's listing for the headphones is still there though. As are all of the specs and loads of information about the included features. Such as being able to pair with two devices at once.


Walmart to sell the Sony WH-1000MX4 headphones for under $350

Unless the cost changes, Walmart had listed the new headphones at under $350, specifically $348. Right around $350 is what previous versions of these headphones from Sony have cost.

So it isn't surprising to see the company charge the same amount. Even with new features, the design is the same and Sony has really only made a few improvements where needed.

It isn't using radically different designs, or packing in three times as powerful hardware. So there was probably no need to increase the price.

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In fact the WH-1000MX3 are still retailing for $350. So this is more evidence that Sony is looking to keep the price on its new pair the same. Also keep in mind that Walmart won't be the only online retailer selling these. Let alone for this cost.

Sony has added multipoint connection and real-time compressed file restoration

Two of the new features on these headphones are the ability to pair to two devices at once, and the DSEE Extreme.

The former is the new multipoint connection feature. Because these headphones can pair to two different devices simultaneously, you can have them connected to your phone and your PC at the same time.


Say you're listening to music on your PC. Then a phone call comes in. The headphones will know which device is getting the call and then connect to it. You can also seamlessly use one-button swapping to move between devices.

Making this perfect for when you want to listen to music on your PC and then switch it to your phone if you have to head out.

With the latter feature, the DSEE Extreme, the headphones can restore and upscale compressed files in real-time to improve their audio quality by restoring the high-range sound that compression tends to get rid of.


Right now there's still no confirmed release date on these. But it must be close if Walmart is already putting up the listing.