Visionox Intros World's First Under-Display Camera For Mass Production

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Visionox has announced the world's first under-display camera solution for mass production. This information comes from MyFixGuide, and the source also shared some visual content from the company.

Visionox stands for OLED Technology Development Company, and the name probably rings a bell. Well, the company just made a considerable step forward when it comes to under-display camera technology.

Visionox under-display camera solution seems to be ready for mass production

Several companies already demoed under-display cameras, including Xiaomi and OPPO, but we haven’t seen one in device consumers can purchase. Thanks to Visionox, that may change by the end of this year.


The source claims that Visionox also introduced a new, highly-transparent material, which works better with under-display cameras. This camera is officially called ‘Visionox InV see’ under-display camera.

The company opted for new, organic, and inorganic film materials with higher transparency. It also enhanced the clarity of the film layer structure. That part also optimizes the metal layer structure of the screen body-transparent conductive in the sub-screen area.

That layer replaces the non-transparent metal to the maximum extent, claims the source. All of this will maximize the transparency needed for the selfie camera to shine, even though it’s under the display.

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The software is also important, of course. Well, this camera also comes with a unique algorithm to maximize quality. The company has further worked on eliminating diffraction and glare that affect the images.

The company also managed to suppress the fogging effect, and greatly improve the clarity and brightness of such images. All in all, the image quality seems to be up to standard.

Visionox also added the following: “With the help of many technology-related patents, the exploration and optimization of multi-generation under-screen camera technology solutions, and the collaborative innovation of upstream and downstream companies in the multi-party industrial chain, has finally lead the Visionox InV see™ to manufacture an under-screen camera solution”.


The company did not say when we may see first phones featuring this camera, but that will hopefully happen by the end of 2020

There you have it, the Visionox InV see under-display camera seems to be ready for mass production. Considering the timing of this announcement, we may see it in smartphones by the end of the year.

Visionox did not share any details on when that may happen, so we’re only guessing. The company will hopefully share more information in the near future.

If one such phone doesn’t make it to market by the end of this year, 2021 seems like a sure bet. In fact, we may see many phones with such camera technology next year. That may mean the end of notches and display holes, finally.