Verizon Says Its New Visa Card Will Save You Money On Your Bill

Verizon Dollars Visa

Verizon is launching its own Visa card that rewards owners with something called 'Verizon Dollars.' A currency that can be spent on things at Verizon stores and online at Verizon's website.

Qualifying customers can now apply for the Verizon Visa for early access to the card. If you're not a qualifying customer, you can still apply for the card but you'll have to wait for June 26. As this is the official launch date.

While there are multiple perks to this card, one of the main ones seems to be saving money on your Verizon phone bill.


The Verizon Visa card will save you money on your bill two ways

There are a couple of different ways that you can save money on your bill using this card.

The first is through Verizon's auto pay feature for monthly bills. If you use this card to pay your monthly Verizon bill and set up auto pay, it'll qualify you for a bill discount every month in the amount of up to $10 on select plans.

It's also possible to use the Verizon Dollars you earn to make payments towards your Verizon Wireless monthly bill. To do this you'll have to first earn Verizon Dollars though. Which is an important factor to keep in mind.

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You can immediately save through the auto pay, however you won't immediately have Verizon Dollars.

Verizon Dollars are earned by using the card

To earn Verizon Dollars you will need to use the card for purchases.

It's accepted anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, which means you can use it for purchases on basically anything. As you use it to buy stuff you earn Verizon Dollars. And as they stack up you can choose what at Verizon to spend them on.


In addition to being used on phone bills, you can spend Verizon Dollars on new accessories or new phones too. There's also no expiration date on them. So if you're waiting for a new device to launch before you spend, go ahead and save them up.

You won't have a limit to how many Verizon Dollars you can earn either. Enabling you to use the card as you would any other credit card for as long as you want to earn as many Verizon Dollars as you want.

The card is supported by mobile wallets as well. So store it in your Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay digital wallet to make paying for things easier where contactless payments are accepted.


Those who qualify to apply for early access to the card will have a chance to win some money if they do so. Should those customers apply, they may win $1,000 Verizon Dollars which could be used right off the bat. So there's a little incentive to checking the card out it seems.