Twitter Will Allow Users to Post Voice Messages

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Trying to create "a more human" touch, Twitter is now allowing users to post voice messages. As revealed in a blog post by clicking on the wavelength icons users will be able to record a voice message and then post it. The hope is that this will create a more human element to the platform.

It has been a busy few weeks for Twitter in terms of updates. First, the company released plans for a revamped verification system.

This was aimed at creating greater transparency. Then increased fact-checking labels have been added to tweets surrounding subjects such as Coronavirus.


Twitter Rolls Out Voice Messages

In a move designed to allow greater human expression from its users, Twitter is launching the ability to post voice messages. The platform has evolved over the years, from text to pictures to gifs as well as videos and this seems to be the next step.

The process of posting a voice message is relatively intuitive as reported by Engadget. As mentioned, users need only click on the wavelength icon then they are presented with a record button.

Voice messages last up to 140 seconds. However, if you go over the software will automatically create a thread of up to 25 tweets.

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Launch for Android Users in Coming Weeks

Right now this function can only be utilised by IOS customers. Everyone can see them but not everyone can currently record a message.

This is expected to roll out more widely in the coming weeks so do not worry just yet. A date for this has not been announced but expect it to be relatively soon.

For now, IOS users can listen while they scroll. This enabled by a window docked at the bottom of your timeline. Again this is expected to roll out to Android and Web users in the near future.


The company points out that often things can be left unsaid or misinterpreted when written as text. Twitter hopes that this new feature will allow people to express themselves more. This, in turn, should allow individuals to make their points better than they previously could.

Overall, this is an exciting new addition to the platform in what has been a busy few weeks for the company.

Hopefully, it will not be too long until Android users can gain access to this feature. However, that should not be too long and we should see some innovative and exciting content when this feature is rolled out more widely.