Twitter Adding Fact-Checking Labels To Tweets Claiming 5G Caused Coronavirus

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Since Twitter first started adding fact-checking labels to the President’s tweets about mail-in voting, it has extended the labels to tweets about the conspiracy theory of 5G causing the Coronavirus.

The label is a simple one, stating “Get the facts about COVID-19” and it links to official sources, news articles and tweets that debunk the theory.

When you click on the label, you are sent to a thread that says “No, 5G isn’t causing Coronavirus.”


This is one way to help combat fake news

Fake news is a real problem on Twitter and other social media websites. Not so much because it’s hard to debunk things. But because anyone can post anything. And there are many people out there that will believe it, if it is written on the internet.

While Twitter doesn’t want to delete all of the tweets that spread fake news – that would be nearly impossible. This is the next best way to do it. Slapping labels on tweets to help its users get the real information about these topics. Whether it’s about mail-in voting, COVID-19 or something else.

And no, this is not Twitter censoring users. As President Trump and his followers seem to think it is. As Twitter is not removing the tweet or even altering what the tweet says. It’s just adding a label to help users get the truth about the topic.


No, 5G did not cause Coronavirus

We’ve already written a few different articles on this topic, so we won’t go into detail about why this is untrue. But no, 5G did not cause Coronavirus.

Conspiracy theorists seem to think that because 5G started rolling out around the time that Coronavirus was spreading, that the two have something to do with each other. No, that’s not true. The only proof they have is that China put up thousands of 5G towers, at the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan. That was just a coincidence, and not even the first 5G network to launch.

Verizon launched 5G in early 2019, months ahead of the virus hitting China, and almost a year before it came to the US.


On top of that, 5G uses mmWave, and high-band spectrum. Which is very weak. It can barely penetrate walls and trees, how on earth can it penetrate through your body and get you sick? It can’t. It’s not strong enough to do it. So thinking 5G caused Coronavirus is just stupid.