Twitch Prime Wants To Tap Into Live TV With Its New Channel


Twitch Prime has created a new channel that it plans to use for grabbing live TV viewers. It's called The Crown, and it aims to deliver programs that are designed to be more like what you'd expect from live TV.

The Crown channel will offer a variety of different TV shows that cater to various tastes. And it's all kicking off with Chasing The Crown: Dreamers To Streamers. A game show where "diamond in the rough" streamers who are relatively unknown will compete to become the next big streamer on the Twitch platform.

In reality The Crown isn't as new as you'd think. It's actually been up since 2019. But today marks its official launch. Though it'll start things with a show rooted in what Twitch is about, game live streaming, future TV shows will branch out to other categories.


Twitch Prime live TV shows will include gaming tournaments comedy series shows

A game show about elevating unknown streamers to stardom seems like a perfect fit for a live TV channel on Twitch by Twitch. But it won't be the only type of show you can expect according to The Verge.

There will reportedly be shows about gaming tournaments too. As well as comedy series shows. Additionally, there are plans to create a reality show. Though Chasing The Crown may already sort of fall under that category as it seems to include some of that genre in how it was put together.

Viewers of Chasing The Crown will also get to have a say in how things turn out. It will include polls where viewers can vote, as well as games they can play and chats where they can discuss outcomes of the show.


Anyone will be able to view The Crown, but there will be more benefits for Prime members

Twitch Prime Live creative director Richard Hilleman says that anyone will be able to watch the TV shows. However he also notes that Twitch Prime members will "have more fun," implying that they will have benefits that non-members won't.

As is the case with anything that Amazon does with its offerings tied to Prime, the goal will be to entice people who don't already have a Prime membership to sign up for one.

Chasing The Crown will air its first episode this week on Thursday, June 25, at 7PM Pacific Standard Time. There will be a new episode every week at the same time. Twitch Prime Live has not yet announced when other shows would premiere.