Transfer Your Images From Facebook To Google Photos With This Tool

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Facebook has released a new transfer tool that lets you easily move your images over to Google Photos.

To be fair, Facebook technically launched the transfer tool at the tail end of last year. But as of today, June 4, the tool is now available to all Facebook users across the globe. Whereas its initial launch was only available to certain regions.

The Facebook transfer tool doesn’t just work with images, you can transfer videos over to Google Photos too. And the process is a pretty simple one thanks to the tool’s design. That being said, the transfer process may take some time depending on how many images and videos you have to transfer over. So keep that in mind before you begin.


The Facebook transfer tool only works with Google Photos for now

Ever since Facebook launched this tool back in 2019, it has only ever worked with Google Photos.

Now that the tool has rolled out to all users globally, nothing has changed and it still only works with Google Photos. However, Facebook did state in its initial announcement about the tool that it will eventually support other services.

Google Photos is just the beginning and users should expect other services to be worked into the fold now that the tool has been released globally.


What those services will be is unclear, though. Because Facebook hasn’t mentioned anything as of yet.

Finish the transfer in five steps

The actual process of the transfer itself may not be a short one. But the steps to initiate the transfer are.

Facebook designed the tool so that it would take just a handful of steps to get everything going. To start with, you’ll need to head to your Facebook settings, then look for the “transfer a copy of your photos or videos” option and click it.


After this step you need to select all the photos and videos that you want to transfer. Facebook also requires you to type in your password to verify yourself, so make sure to keep that handy.

After you type your password in, this initiates the transfer and you simply then have to select the service to transfer everything to. As mentioned earlier Google Photos is the only supported service right now.

Facebook says it will be integrating more services soon though. To end things, there’s a confirm transfer button to click and then you can just sit back and wait for things to finish.


If you’re worried about constantly checking to see if things are done, you don’t have to. Facebook has designed the tool to send out alerts when everything is completed, and you’ll get an email notification as well as an alert on Facebook.