The New Metal Slug Mobile Game Looks Awesome

Metal Slug Code J

A handful of Metal Slug games are already available on mobile devices running Android and iOS. Those are all ports of the original games, though.

SNK will no longer be keeping the Metal Slug franchise on ice, and has just announced a new game in the series bound for mobile. The game will be developed in partnership with Tencent, the same company behind popular mobile titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile, and PUBG Mobile.

Actual development will be handled by TiMi Studios. A subsidiary of Tencent who also develops Call of Duty: Mobile, Honor of Kings and its US counterpart Arena of Valor, and many other games, including the new Pokémon Unite MOBA title.


The new mobile Metal Slug does not yet have a name

Officially, the new Metal Slug game doesn't have a name. Not one that will necessarily be used in its final release anyway.

Based on a YouTube video that was released by SNK earlier this morning, it does have a codename. It's currently being referred to as Metal Slug Code: J. Though that is not likely to stick once it's launched for Android and iOS sometime in the future.

Early development footage of the game shows what players may be able to expect. While SNK is adamant that the early footage in the video is not representative of the final quality, the game already appears fairly polished.

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It features updated graphics with much higher resolution and detail than the older games. It also does this while keeping the same familiar camera angles. Metal Slug Code: J will still be a side-scrolling action game. Featuring series favorite characters and all the things you'd expect from Metal Slug. Such as different weapons, boosts, boss fights and more.

The release date is TBD at the moment

SNK has officially announced the game on both its Twitter and its YouTube channel. But it hasn't mentioned anything about a release date yet.

At the end of the announcement trailer it says the launch timing is to be determined. Which is echoed in the June 27 tweet from SNK. There doesn't yet seem to be any official website for the game and TiMi Studios hasn't shared anything more than what's already been made public.


So as of now there is no way to tell if the game will be released sometime this year or not until 2021 or later. More details about the game will be shared in the future according to SNK and TiMi Studios. In the meantime, you can watch the full announcement trailer below which does show off some of the early development gameplay.