The Google Pixel 4a Reaches A New Milestone In Leadup To Launch

Google Pixel 4a CAD render leak 3

The Google Pixel 4a may be even closer to launch than ever before as it’s reached what is usually a significant milestone in the process.

According to Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers, the Pixel 4a has just passed though the FCC. Something that tends to happen when a device is nearing the launch period. Or at the very least an announcement.

The Pixel 4a has already been suspected of coming up to an official launch period as of late. Back on June 19, it was discovered that the Pixel 4a had just received its BIS certification. BIS is an Indian regulatory body. Similar to the US’ FCC.


Though the phone does pass through the FCC there doesn’t appear to be any new information on the device that isn’t already known. The FCC documentation can sometimes hold photos of hardware, but that isn’t the case here. The documentation of course won’t mention official release windows either. But that’s what leaks are for.

The Pixel 4a could still launch by July 7

Earlier this week on June 22, European pricing for the Pixel 4a had leaked via two online French retailers.

This shed some light on the possible pricing for the phone in other countries outside of Europe, such as the US. Even if only by considering exchange rates, which don’t necessarily translate to exact pricing.


What’s more though is that the pricing leaks revealed potential release windows and colors for the phone. The Pixel 4a seems to be coming in both Black and Blue colors. With one of the two retailers listing that sales of the phone would open up on July 7.

Those listings have since been taken down. The fact remains that they were up at one point with potentially accurate information. July 7 is just after the Fourth of July weekend. On a Tuesday. So keep your eyes peeled for any announcements to happen that week.

There’s likely very few secrets left

As it seems to be the case with most high-profile phones these days, there is likely very little left about the Pixel 4a that isn’t suspected.


The design has already leaked several times. And it’s highly likely that these are the final designs as well. With the pricing and potential launch date having leaked earlier this week, Google really only has a couple of surprises left.

One is the exact pricing in the US and really any other region. And it probably has a few features about the phone that no one knows about just yet. There’s also the matter of all the available colors.

For the most part though, almost everything notable about the phone has leaked out at some point since the year started.