Sticker Suggestions Close to Release in Google Messages

AH Googles Messages app 1

It has been reported by Android Police that Sticker Suggestions look likey they are almost ready to go in Google Messages. To make stickers easy to use Google is trialling contextual sticker recommendations to Messages. It is also looking to roll out sticker pack suggestions to Gboard.

Stickers are becoming increasingly popular across messaging services. This has led companies adding them to as many platforms as possible.

New Version of Messages Shows Update

A new version of messages that is for now only meant for Googlers has shown that sticker suggestions are now a part of the app. They appear to display above the compose box similar to other prompts that are a part of the app’s functionality.


This has been accessed using the leaked Dogfood build, which also reportedly gives RCS chats end-to-end encryption. However, there have been some questions as to whether this functionality is a part of this dogfood build. Either way, it does not look like a full update including sticker suggestions will be far away for Google.

Gboard Also Gets an Update

Google recently trialled a new feature on Gboard where paste sticker suggestions were added from the clipboard. However, it also appears to be part of this sticker update. Gboard has been suggesting individual stickers and GIFs based on emoji for over a year now.

However, the latest test demonstrates that it will begin suggesting entire sticker packs as well. Gboard will highlight certain sticker packs that it wishes to recommend in the sticker section. A small star icon will appear above certain packs to set them apart.


When you tap on the suggestion you will then be given the option of passing on the pack or adding it. Passing will push the pack out of view and amongst your existing collection. However, adding it will give it prominence. It seems that the suggestions are going to be limited to one pack at a time. It also appears that this may be a way for new sticker pack creations to be promoted and showcased.

With the popularity of sticker on the rise, it is hardly surprising Google is looking to prioritise them. By bringing in sticker suggestion the company is following other business in trying to push stickers wherever possible. This appears to be a rather intuitive and easy way to do so which should fit seamlessly into the functionality of Google Messages and Gboard.