Stadia May Be Getting A New Player-Focused Feature Soon

Stadia Controller

Stadia is getting updated more than people think as it sometimes happens behind the scenes, and a recent update points to a new player-focused feature that could be coming to the service.

Though it should be noted that the feature isn't usable yet, it seems to be on the way. According to 9To5Google, Stadia is showing signs of getting a player stats feature.

Right now this is only available as a toggle that you can control. It's in the privacy section of the settings menu. Along with any other privacy-related controls. With this particular toggle, you can adjust who can see your player stats.


It isn't quite clear yet what those stats would be exactly. But whatever they are they're obviously tied to the games you play. These are also separate from achievements.

Another player feature Stadia is getting measures your time with games

There's another new toggle inside the same section of the menu that measures your time playing.

This will be the same exact thing Steam shows for the games in your library. Any time you boot up one of your games, Steam will log how much time you put into it. This gives your friends an idea of how much you love a particular title.

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More than that though it can show friends how good a game really may be. Because you wouldn't be dumping hundreds of hours into a game that's terrible, right?

The nice thing about this "time played per game" feature is that you can toggle who can see that information. If you're not keen on letting everyone know for example, you can set it to just friends and their friends. Or keep it completely private if you want.

People can search for your Stadia name by email

It looks like there's one more remaining change being added to the service. With a new option being added that allows people to search for your Stadia name by email.


As it suggests, people will be able to type in your email address and see what your Stadia name is. You can of course control who can search for your Stadia name this way just like you can control the other two new features.

Naturally, not everyone will want people being able to find their Stadia name through email. Emails are sometimes public information for everyone. And you might not necessarily want just anyone having access to who you are on this platform.

This way you can mostly control who can view your profile and try to contact you on the platform.