Spotify Puts Up 2020 Summer Playlists, Rewind For Your Next Barbecue


Spotify is putting its best foot forward for summer 2020, offering up seasonal playlists and a new Rewind, reports indicate. And there's going to be no shortage of content here either, despite limitations to summer activities because of ongoing global health problems. The company is putting forward no fewer than three separate ways for users to listen to summer jams. That's for popular songs both past and present.

The first of the new song lists is a returning playlist feature called Summer Rewind. That was first introduced in 2017 but, starting June 24, will be available for free for all users on mobile platforms. But that doesn't mean it's for everybody. It exclusively appears for users who have already been streaming songs in the summer. And those need to have been streamed between 2016 and 2019.

That's because Summer Rewind pools songs played during previous summers into a new playlist. The goal, of course, is to bring back some nostalgia for summers past via users' favorite songs for this time of year.


Spotify is also delivering two more features for summer playlists in 2020

Setting aside the Summer Rewind feature from Spotify, the company is also rolling out new seasonal playlists for 2020. That includes dedicated playlists to be found in the service's Summer Hub. The hub features playlists across a variety of summer categories.

In addition to the "Summer Hits" playlist, there are also playlists more directly aimed at 'US Summer Hits' for the past decade. Latin Party Anthems, Beach Vibes, and a playlist for the backyard barbecue are included there as well. Regardless of a user's favorite genre, era, or other preferences, there should be a playlist to suit just about everybody.

Last but not least, Spotify is all set to make its own predictions for which 2020 tunes will later become summer hits for the year. Featured as a Summer Predictions playlist, the list is pooled across a variety of factors. Not least of all, considerations are made for how many times the song has been streamed and other trends.


As of this writing, the in-app song list includes songs from Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar to Bad Bunny and Dayglow.

Spotify's continued search for the best music streaming experience

The newly updated playlist for the summer of 2020 from Spotify is hardly surprising. As noted above, this has been a company tradition since at least 2017. But the company has been making a few other changes around the app, in particular, in the lead-up to this year's updated lists.

To begin with, the company worked hard to ensure that the interface is easier to interact with via an update back in February. That saw UI elements resized and moved around. But it also made sure that certain elements that will certainly be useful here, such as the download and shuffle buttons, are more readily recognizable.


Another big change was the addition of customizable, shareable profiles. That means that now users can share their profiles with other users. But it also includes the ability to share listening history. That means that it's easier than ever to discover and share friends' and family members' favorite songs. That will undoubtedly make creating custom playlists that cater to everybody gathered around for summer activities easier this year.