Sony's Latest Wireless Speakers Come With Some Great Improvements

Sony Wireless Speakers Extra Bass Family

Sony’s got a new round of wireless speakers coming as part of the EXTRA BASS line. There are three new speakers headlining this new refresh including the SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33, and the SRS-XB43.

All of Sony’s latest wireless speakers in this lineup are said to come with some neat little improvements over the previous versions. Not the least of which is the now-included USB Type-C support for charging the speaker back up when it needs battery life.

Because of the USB Type-C the speakers should charge faster. Which means you can ultimately get back to listening to your music faster too.


Sony’s latest EXTRA BASS wireless speakers will come with Party Connect

Sony wouldn’t be the first company to incorporate such a feature. But Party Connect is one of the bigger reasons why these new speakers will likely be such a hit.

With Party Connect you can link up to 100 compatible wireless speakers from the brand and sync up their audio. So it’s like having a surround sound stereo system in every single room in the home. If you have enough speakers for it.

The design has also been refreshed to, according to Sony, better compliment any room in the home. The new design features a long, triangular shape with the speakers coming in multiple color options such as Black, Blue, Red, Taupe, and Green.

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Not every color will be offered in each of the three speaker models though. For example, the SRS-XB43 only comes in Black and Blue. Meanwhile the SRS-XB33 comes in those two colors as well as Red and Taupe. The SRS-XB23 comes in the most colors as it will be offered in the previous four as well as Green.

Other notable formfactor changes include the hole for a strap on the SRS-XB23 so it can be hung from a hook. This should be useful for when you don’t or can’t sit it down flat somewhere.

Battery life will last up to 24 hours, and the speakers will release in August

Battery life seems to be pretty standard here as Sony says it will last up to 24 hours on a single charge.


That time will of course be lessened if you choose to tap into the phone charging capabilities that the speakers offer. Should you need such a feature, there’s a USB Type-A port where you can plug in your smartphone.

All three speakers come with an IP67 rating for water, dust, and shock proof builds, and all three will be available starting in August of 2020. Prices will start at £100 for the SRS-XB23 model, then move up to £150 for the SRS-XB33, and £200 for the SRS-XB43.

So far Sony hasn’t mentioned whether or not these would be released in the US.