Sony Delays Its June 4 PlayStation 5 Event


Sony has officially delayed its PlayStation 5 event that was supposed to take place on June 4, which would have been this coming Thursday.

The decision was made yesterday morning in response to current events involving the Black Lives Matter movement. Stating that it wanted to take a step back and allow more important voices to be heard throughout this difficult time.

Sony's event for the PlayStation 5 is suspected to finally have included a reveal of what the console looks like. Though Sony never actually confirmed that it would show off the console's design, it was strongly suggested that this would be the case prior to the delay.


Sony is also not the only company to place delays on things this week. Call of Duty Mobile publisher Activision delayed the new season battle pass until further notice for the same reasons as Sony.

Sony has not yet decided on a new date for the PlayStation 5 event

As of right now there is no new date that's been set for this online event. When the right time comes, Sony will no doubt share those details on its official PlayStation Twitter account.

Timing of the event aside, Sony likely has plenty of exciting stuff lined up to showcase to PlayStation fans. The design of the console would be the biggest part of the event. However, Sony is also likely going to show off new PlayStation 5 games.


In its tweet about the delay, it specifically references PS5 games. So there's a big chance there will be new titles on display. Presumably these would be games that no one has seen yet. It's also possible that Sony could reveal more information about the console.

What to expect from the reveal when it happens

There's still much about the console that Sony hasn't shed light on. The price, the official release date, whether or not there will be any bundles or special limited edition consoles.

All of these are possible examples of what Sony could display when it unveils the PlayStation 5. In regards to a price, recent speculation seems to lean in the direction of the console being more pricey than what has been originally suspected.


As for an exact release date, Sony has already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will launch globally during the holiday season. However that's a pretty broad time frame.

That being said, while the launch could happen anytime between the end of October and the end of December, Sony will want to allow as much time as possible for consumers to place pre-orders of the console.

And it'll likely have to officially announce the cost with enough time in advance of pre-orders going live.