Sonos Move Gains A New Color & Better Battery Life Thanks To Software Update

Sonos Move Lunar White AH 1

Sonos announced today that the Move (its portable speaker) is getting a second color – Lunar White.

Typically, we wouldn't get super excited about a new color for a speaker that has been out for many months. But, Sonos has more to announce today.

Through a new software update, the Sonos Move is gaining another hour of battery life. Putting it at about 11 hours of continuous playback. Now the 10 hours it had before, was pretty decent, especially for a speaker of this size and this much sound. But bringing in another hour of audio is pretty neat.


The Sonos Move is still super simple to charge, just place it on the base to keep listening. Instead of needing to figure out where to plug in the cable. Which is really unique, actually.

Lunar White Sonos Move matches the company's recent design changes

Recently, Sonos has been moving to a more subtle approach with its design language. Instead of making its speakers stand out, it wants to make them blend into the room. So it has been going with an all black theme or an all white theme with its speakers as of late. And a good example of that is the new Arc and Five speakers that were announced last month.

And the Lunar White model is doing the exact same thing. It's all white, including the logo, which means that it's going to blend in. So if you have a lighter-colored home, you won't need to worry about it standing out as much.

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Remember with the Move, you can take it anywhere. You can listen to music on WiFi when you're at home and it'll switch to Bluetooth when you're on the go. This is the only speaker in Sonos' lineup that uses Bluetooth.

It is also water resistant, with an IP56 rating. This means that it can handle drops, sandy beaches, sweat and much more. The two colors it is available in: Lunar White and Shadow Black are also UV-resistant. So you can keep audio playing all day long without it overheating.

And of course, you get the great Sonos audio quality that you've come accustomed too. It's a little bit stronger than the Sonos One, but not quite where the PLAY:3 was. And it also has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, so you can take your favorite assistant on the road with you.


You can pre-order your Lunar White Sonos Move by clicking here, it will launch later  this month.