Slick New Verified Calls Feature Is Coming To The Google Phone App


Google is pushing a new feature out to its Phone app on Android devices called Verified Calls.

The feature appears to be rolling out to users according to Google's support page for it, which is live and points to the possibility that they could start coming in for users. Google has not however formally announced Verified Calls. With that being the case it's just as possible that it could be a while before these arrive officially for users.

Verified Calls in the Google Phone app will tell you why a business is calling

The goal of Verified Calls is to inform users why businesses are calling them. Too many times have you likely received calls from an unknown number or a business and had no clue why the call was coming in.


Verified Calls should take away some of that mystery. Then again not all businesses will support it. There is at least one prerequisite for this to be supported by a particular business.

The fact that businesses have to have gone through Google's approval process. Which is probably why Google is labeling these as verified. Because it was able to verify who the business was and typically why it makes calls out to its customers.

For businesses that go through this approval process, Google stores this information for a brief time so it can check it against the number when calls go through. Verified callers end up displaying the user's phone that they are indeed verified so the user knows it's not a fraudulent call.


The feature will allow users to opt out at any time

The support page for this feature says that users have the ability to opt out whenever they want. So although it will be enabled by  default, you can just as easily disable it if you need to.

To do so you'll need to open the phone app then tap the more button and then settings. From the settings menu, open the caller ID and spam section. Once there you should see a new toggle for verified calls. Simply turn this off and you'll be opted out.

Know that if you do opt out at any point, you can just as easily opt back in at any point too. Google is giving the user control over whether or not they want these verified calls to come through. Though, there's likely way more benefit to having it on than off.