Skype Comes To Android Auto – With One Big Caveat

Android Auto AH NS 03

The latest Skype Insider update has brought along support for Android Auto.

But Skype is only supporting texting on Android Auto. So you’re not going to be able to do any VoIP or video calls while you’re driving. The latter isn’t surprising, but no VoIP calls is a bit surprising. However that could also be a limitation from Google. Since really the only calls you can do are through the dialer app on your phone.

Yet another messaging app coming to Android Auto

One of the bigger complaints about Android Auto has been the lack of app support. But we’re starting to see more and more apps coming to Android Auto now. Skype is the latest big name app to add support for Android Auto.


Though, not having a lot of apps available for Android Auto could actually be a good thing. This is because Google doesn’t want you to be interacting with Android Auto a whole lot while you’re driving. As it can be a major distraction. This is one reason why the apps must be in the container, and why they all look very similar – with different colors.

Google wants us to be less distracted while driving, and adding more app support would make it more distracting. Making it counter-intuitive.

But messaging apps are good to have, as you can easily have them read to you via Google Assistant, and also respond to them using the Google Assistant.


Not supporting Skype VoIP calls is likely a good thing

Let’s face it, we all get distracted while driving, and calls is another way that it can happen. Especially if it’s a video call – which would be tough to do with Android Auto since almost no head units have a camera.

However, one could argue that we already have call functionality in Android Auto. Which is absolutely true. However, the other big reason that it might not be available is because of connectivity. When you’re driving, it’s likely that you’ll lose internet connection for a bit. Especially if you’re driving through the middle of nowhere. Which would drop the call and provide a poor user experience. So it’s a good decision by Skype.

If you are a Skype Insider, you can download the latest version by clicking here. The version that you are looking for is It’s the same version on all platforms. There are some changes coming to the iOS version as well.