Galaxy S21 May Not Use Displays From BOE After All

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According to a new report from Korea, Samsung probably won’t use displays from BOE for the Galaxy S21. This goes against a report from April, which claimed that the Galaxy S21 series will use OLED panels from BOE.

So, what went wrong? Well, it seems like BOE displays did not pass Samsung Electronics’ quality tests. That is the reason why Samsung plans to use Samsung Display panels yet again.

This information does come from Korea, but it has been relayed by Ice Universe, a well-known tipster. BOE, for those of you who don’t know, is a well-known Chinese OLED display manufacturer.


Samsung seemingly gave up on using BOE displays for the Galaxy S21

The earlier report claimed that at least one of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series devices will use BOE displays. Well, that won’t happen, if this report is to be believed.

The Galaxy S21+ was supposed to utilize a 6.67-inch OLED display from BOE. The report also claims that the Galaxy A91 may also feature one of BOE’s’ panels.

The agreement between the two companies was supposed to be reached in June. Well, it seems like things went sideways, and the agreement will not be reached at all, at least not anytime soon.

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The initial report was quite surprising to begin with. Many people were wondering why would Samsung use BOE’s panels when it has its own. Well, the answer to that, is probably to cut costs where it can.

BOE’s panels are quite good, and Samsung probably saw an opportunity there. We don’t know what exactly went wrong in Samsung’s testing, but there you go.

BOE is the world’s biggest LCD display supplier, for those of you who don’t know, This is a huge company, and it is looking to shift away from LCD displays, as OLEDs are taking over.


The Galaxy S21 series is expected to arrive in Q1 2021

The Galaxy S21 series launch is still far away. Those devices are expected to make an appearance in February next year. Samsung will probably use its own displays for all devices in the series, but we’ll see.

The company’s focus, at the moment, is definitely not the Galaxy S21 series. The Galaxy Note 20 series is expected to arrive in August, along with the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G variant is also coming.

Considering that Samsung is, allegedly, planning to release three Galaxy Note 20 devices, we’ll see five devices from the company in August. Well, at least it seems like it at the moment.