The Galaxy Note 20 Will Fix Samsung's Biggest Camera Issue


Samsung's smartphone cameras have had a few issues over recent years. But Samsung appears to have fixed one of the biggest issues, with the Galaxy Note 20 series. That is if, leaker Ice Universe is to be believed. And given his track record, I'd believe him.

We're talking about the focusing on Samsung's cameras. It has been pretty terrible, especially on the Galaxy S20 series. But Ice Universe says that it has been fixed, and that's a big deal. Though no mention of the other issue, where the shutter is pretty slow (that seems to be an issue on any phone that's not a Pixel, making taking photos of kids and pets tough).

Camera focusing problem has been solved

Imagine spending over a thousand bucks on a smartphone whose camera can't even focus correctly. Well that has been the reality for those that bought a Galaxy S20 series smartphone this year. It's the unfortunate reality, because at that price, you'd expect that camera focusing wouldn't be an issue, a las, it was and is.


It's not terrible at focusing all the time, but sometimes it can be very bad. Almost unusable, unless you switch into pro/manual mode. And even then, it's still pretty tough.

Usually outdoors, with plenty of sunlight the camera does well with focusing. But take it indoors and try to focus on something like a pet or a kid, and it's another story.

Though, it doesn't sound like Samsung has fixed the shutter speed yet. Which might seem fast in the camera app, it is not that fast in real life. If you have a Galaxy S20 series phone, trying taking a photo of something that moves, again like a pet or a kid. It's going to be a bit blurry. This isn't a problem that is unique to Samsung either, as almost every phone has this issue, except for the Pixel – likely due to Motion photos.


Don't expect WQHD+ at 120Hz though

Somehow, OnePlus is able to do WQHD+ resolution at 120Hz refresh rate on its smartphone, but Samsung cannot. And the kicker is the fact that Samsung makes both displays.

Ice Universe also stated that it's not looking optimistic for WQHD+ 120Hz on the Galaxy Note 20 series. That's going to be unfortunate for some people, but most of us are fine with FHD+ at 120Hz, as you don't really see a big difference, and it conserves some of the battery. That's always a good thing.

All will be revealed in August when Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 20 series – among other phones and products at a virtual Unpacked.