Get Ready For A New Samsung Premium Smartphone Every Month

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Samsung has had a tough year, largely thanks to the global pandemic. And it is looking to turn things around. How will Samsung do this? Well, reportedly, Samsung is going to launch a new flagship each month, for three months.

This would start with the Galaxy Note 20 in August. Followed by the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in September and the Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition in October. Though, it does sound like all three will still be announced in August at its Unpacked event, it’ll just have a staggered release for all of its upcoming flagship devices.

New launch plans may not be the answer to Samsung’s woes

As mentioned already, Samsung has had a pretty tough year. Thanks to the pandemic, people aren’t buying phones as often as they were. Not to mention the Galaxy S20 series was fairly expensive – with the Galaxy S20 Ultra costing $1499. So Samsung’s vice chairman, Lee Jae-yong met with a number of Samsung executives recently, to “urgently review the management strategy” and discuss launch plans for the rest of the year. This is according to a report, which is citing industry sources.


After this meeting, the company decided that it would move to a monthly release schedule, starting with the Galaxy Note 20 in August.

This new strategy is a bold one, to say the least. Especially since Apple normally releases the iPhone in September. And that’s when the Galaxy Z Flip 5G would be going on sale. Though, according to reports, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G isn’t that different from the regular Galaxy Z Flip. The major difference being the upgrade to a Snapdragon 865 which would enable 5G.

This could lead to a very exciting, or very sad-looking third quarter

Releasing a new premium smartphone every month in the same quarter should lead to some pretty good sales for Samsung. One would think. But there is a chance that this could backfire.


The worldwide economy is still not back on its feet after the pandemic. Which means that most people are likely not looking to spend a grand on a new smartphone. Or even more. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G will likely be more.

So this could lead to Samsung putting out some impressive numbers for the third quarter, or some pretty unfortunate numbers. Only time will tell.

While they have had a tough year, for any other smartphone maker, it would be a great year. That’s just how big Samsung has become.