Samsung Discontinues Android Auto Alternative

Android Auto AH NS 05

Samsung has taken the decision to kill off its Android Auto Alternative service as reported by Autoevolution. This sees the end for users that could normally enable a dedicated car mode. Samsung has also recently decided to discontinue its S Voice alongside other applications.

Android Auto Alternative allowed Samsung users to access an optimized car experience even without a compatible head unit. This was the main benefit of the driving app but it now seems to remove that privilege to users.

Bad News for Car Users

Users will definitely not see this change as good news as they have grown used to Samsung’s Car Mode App. If you are a Samsung user who does not have an Android Auto head unit then there are limited options available. Alongside the other app discontinuation mentioned above, which include the Mirror Link and Find My Car, it has been a rough week or so for Samsung users.


The Google Play or the Galaxy Store will no longer support the Car Mode app going forwards. The app is currently at version 11.0.20 but will no longer receive any updates or improvements. Users read an end of service warning message when launching the app. Readers will find out that the app is no longer supported as of now.

What Alternatives are Available

Samsung users do have some hope and options though. Autoevolution has recommended a number of different available apps that do a similar job. Simply installing a car launcher from the Google Play Store can act as a good alternative with Car Mode gone.

CarWebGuru is one of the ones that comes best reviewed. These car launchers essentially turn your phone into a digital dashboard which is optimized for driving. Users can then customize apps such as Google Maps to best suit your driving needs.


Waze, for example, comes with voice interaction commands. Google Assistant delivers this service. The idea is that drivers no longer get distracted whilst using the app. Samsung users can integrate these types of apps into their car launcher easily in order to replace Car Mode.

The loss of Car Mode which provided Samsung users with such a great Android Auto alternative is potentially a large one. The convenience of such a platform was what made it so useful. However, as illustrated other options are out there for users. Instead of the simplest convenience, users may have to make the most out of their devices in order to replicate what has come before.