Samsung Bringing Wireless Charging To Budget Galaxy A Phones

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus AH NS wireless charging 1new

Wireless charging has become a luxury feature on high-end phones such as the Galaxy Note and S series, but a reliable source says Samsung could bring it to budget Galaxy A phones in the near future.

Samsung bringing wireless charging to budget Galaxy A phones

The latest charging technology is coming to mid-end phones such as the Galaxy A51 and A71, for example. The Galaxy A90 received the charging feature last year. There’s no word on whether or not low-end phones such as the Galaxy A20 or A10 will get the feature just yet.

The new feature will allow mid-end and low-end buyers the opportunity to have a luxury feature on their phones. Samsung’s decision to do this could come as early as 2021, some say.


Wireless charging is a feature that allows users to charge their phones by way of a charging pad. Users can set their phone down to charge it, then pick up their phones when ready to leave the house or office.

Some say that the term “wireless charging” is a misnomer. That is, wireless charging implies phone users don’t need any wires to charge their phone. Yet, the feature mandates the use of a charging pad that is plugged into an adapter to charge a smartphone. While that is true, the charging is “wireless” in the sense that you don’t have to plug a wire into the phone or disconnect a wire when the phone is charged.

Why bring luxury charging to budget phones now?

Why bring such a feature to the A series now? Part of the reason pertains to the nature of the Galaxy A series. Samsung designed the series from the outset to bring innovative features to budget buyers, those who don’t want to pay $800 or more for a quality smartphone experience.


Wireless charging is an innovative feature that frees users from worry about cords and fumbling with them when charging phones.

And to bring wireless charging to the A series is a surprising move for Samsung, considering the company’s desire to keep the most pricey features in its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. Samsung is a bit begrudging about its most expensive features because it wants customers to pay for those features.

And yet, the current pandemic (which is still here, despite optimism) makes this move an urgent one as a means to sell the most affordable smartphones it makes. The Galaxy A series has replaced a number of mid-end phone series Samsung had.


Now that the Galaxy A series centralizes Samsung’s affordable budget phones, the Korean giant wants to see them sell. And, in light of financial losses by worldwide citizens, who find themselves unemployed and struggling to survive, more buyers than ever will shop around for something low-cost. And Samsung is betting that those buyers will take up the A series for the first time.

One way to sweeten the A series purchase is to give it the luxury charging that Note and S series buyers have. Samsung introduced wireless charging with the Galaxy S6 series back in 2015, though it first debuted a battery charging cover with the Galaxy S4. After 5 years, it’s time for Samsung to bring the feature to some of its most inexpensive phones. They too, are part of the “Galaxy.”