Realistic Galaxy Note 20+ Concept Shows Us What To Expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus concept image 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ concept has just surfaced on YouTube, and was created by Waqar Khan. Mr. Khan is known for his smartphone concept designs, and the latest one shows off his solution fo the design of the Galaxy Note 20+.

This is just a third party concept, so keep that in mind, it’s not a leak or anything of the sort. Based on rumors and leaks, however, the final Galaxy Note 20+ design may look very similar to this.

As you can see, the phone does resemble the Galaxy Note 10 series from the front. The device includes very thin bezels, with a centered display camera hole. Its display is curved, but that curve is not too pronounced.


The top and bottom sides of this Galaxy Note 20+ concept are flat

The top and bottom sides of the phone are completely flat, while the design is proportional in general. The back of the device is covered by glass, and the same goes for the front, of course.

The phone includes either four or five cameras on the back. It seems like there are four, plus the laser autofocus, plus an LED flash. All of those sensors are included in the same camera module, which sits in the top-left corner of the phone’s back.

The designer also showed off the S Pen stylus in this video, and images. It doesn’t look all that different than last year’s stylus, and it does have a button on the side.


The designer showed off a ton of color options here. Do note that the phone will probably arrive in only a couple of them, but there are eight showed off in the provided video.

This Galaxy Note 20+ concept comes in black, gray, gold, light blue, purple, green, white, and pink color options. If only smartphone manufacturers released every flagship phone in so many color options.

The real Galaxy Note 20+ is expected to arrive in August. To be more precise, it’s rumored to arrive on August 5. The phone will launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it seems.


The Galaxy Z Flip 5G & Fold 2 will launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series

That’s not all, though. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Fold 2 are also said to be coming during that press conference. Samsung is rumored to organize an online-only press conference for these devices.

The Galaxy Note 20+ will probably offer a more compelling camera setup than the regular variant. The ‘Ultra’ model is expected to ship with a periscope camera on the back, unlike the two other models.

The Galaxy Note 20+ will be the model most people will be interested in, quite probably. Consumers may surprise us, though, as they did with the Galaxy S20 series, as the ‘Ultra’ was the most popular device.