Pokémon Café Mix Is A New Unique Puzzle Game Coming To Android


The Pokémon Company is on a roll today, having recently announced Pokémon Café Mix alongside a handful of other Pokémon games.

Pokémon Café Mix is described as a unique puzzle game where players can solve puzzles and serve delicious food and tasty drinks to patrons. Except these aren't your normal everyday patrons. They're cute and cuddly Pokémon.

You as the player own the cafe that Pokémon love to visit, but you also work alongside Pokémon. This is going to be a "free-to-start" game for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Which means players will be able to download it at no cost, but unlocking the full game will probably cost money with a one-time in-game purchase.


It's also possible that the full game is free, but there will be micro-transactions for various things you might want to use while you play.

Solve puzzles in Pokémon Café Mix in order to serve up dishes

As the owner of a Pokémon cafe you will need to serve food to your esteemed guests. But in order do that you will first need to solve puzzles.

These puzzles will task you with linking Pokémon of different species together in a line. As you link them up they will disappear from the screen and you can continue. The more food you serve, the better your cafe becomes.


Puzzles also appear to progressively more challenging, though it's not likely they will become intense mind benders.

Befriend Pokémon that visit and hire them to help

One of the cool little twists of this game is that you can hire some of the Pokémon to help you run your world-class cafe.

Each Pokémon has a set of special skills that could benefit you in one way or another. For instance, Squirtle's specialty is small plates and he helps clear Pokémon icons and gimmicks to the right. Starly on the other hand is really good with sweets.


If you're finding it a little challenging to complete a particular puzzle, enlist the help of one of your staff. As they have skills that might be able to get you past that slump.

You'll want to complete puzzles as fast and efficiently as you can, because completing puzzles is the only way to serve up food. And the friendship level of Pokémon can only be raised by serving them up the dishes they want.

Completing puzzles also lets you earn enough points to upgrade your cafe to make it nicer and add on new areas. There's no current release date for the game, but you can already pre-register for it on Google Play.