Pokémon UNITE Is A New MOBA Game For Mobile And Nintendo Switch

Pokémon UNITE

The Pokémon Company has announced another new game in the Pokémon franchise this morning called Pokémon UNITE, a 5v5 team-based strategy game in the MOBA style popularized by League of Legends.

This is the fourth new Pokémon game to be announced within the span of seven days. Just last week on June 17, a new Pokémon Snap game as announced alongside Pokémon Café Mix, a puzzle game, and Pokémon Smile, a teeth brushing game designed for kids.

Pokémon UNITE sort of reels things back in to what Pokémon has always been about. Battles. This time though you're not battling against just one person, you're battling against five. And you have four teammates.


Pokémon UNITE is cross-platform for mobile and Nintendo Switch

Over on Twitter there seems to be a pretty widespread discontent for this game. If you search for it, you'll likely find plenty of tweets from users who are dismayed by Nintendo's decision to create a League Of Legends-style strategy game.

There's a lot of cool stuff about the title though that warrant some attention. First off, it's cross-platform. The game will be developed for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Mobile also includes both Android and iOS.

So when you sit down to play a few matches with friends, you can all play together. Even if one you is on Android, one of you is on iOS, and one of you is on Switch. These types of games tend to be a large success. Because they're available to a large amount of people who can all play together.

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That accessibility will probably have a good chance at enticing players to try it out.

Take control of your favorite Pokémon and unleash their attacks in strategic battles

Though this is a MOBA game and it plays in the style of League of Legends and other games in the genre, it's likely to be more casual than that.

Players will be able to pick from their favorite Pokémon like Lucario, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and more. As they enter the match they start with their Pokémon at level 1 and can evolve them throughout the match.


Players can also catch wild Pokémon with their teammates. As their Pokémon evolve their attacks will get stronger, allowing for the unlocks of more abilities. You gain points by defeating the Pokémon on the enemy team, and the team with the most points by the end of the match wins.

Pokémon UNITE is currently in development and right now there is no time window for release that's been mentioned.