You Can Watch Ad-Supported Movies On Plex Without An Account


Plex announced today, that you will be able to watch its ad-supported movies without having to sign into a Plex account. Making it a bit easier to just start watching movies on Plex.

With the latest version of Plex, which is version 8.2.0, you're going to be able to download the app and you will see a home screen displaying a library of free-to-stream movies and TV shows. Even before you sign into the Plex app.

This is similar to what other streaming services do when you download the app. But the only difference here is that you'll be able to stream these titles for free, without needing to sign in at all.


What's the catch?

There really isn't any catch here. But Plex will show a banner at the top of the page for users to create a free Plex account or to sign in. The banner is dismissible though, so you won't see it the entire time you're using the app. It's also worth mentioning that not signing in doesn't limit you to how much content you can watch. Remember this content is free and ad-supported, so it really doesn't matter for Plex if you sign in or not to watch. Plex's business model is a bit different, where it is not collecting your user data.

So basically, you're getting more free content to watch, this time on Plex. And who is going to complain about that? I know, I certainly won't be.

Of course, this also comes at a time where many people are still stuck in quarantine thanks to the pandemic. Sure many are back to work already, but there's plenty that are out of work for good now. And need something to do to stay home and healthy. So making it even easier to watch content on Plex is definitely a nice thing to have.


Should I still sign up for Plex?

Most definitely. Plex has a ton of great content available for those that do sign up, not to mention other features.

With Plex, you can build your own media library and stream it on any device in your home. There's also Live TV DVR, so you can record any TV that is on OTA channels. That includes channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and others. Which is a minor feature since it's only for a handful of channels, but definitely really useful.

But perhaps the best feature is that Plex has a lifetime pass. So you can pay once for Plex and never have to worry about paying for it again.


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