Get A Year Of PlayStation Plus For Just $42

playstation plus

Right now, you can get a year of PlayStation Plus for just $41.99, and you don’t need any sort of discount code to do it. You can just buy it from Amazon and add it to your account.

Now if your account isn’t due to expire for a while, you can still purchase it and add it to your account. It’ll just stack, and you won’t need to renew it for even longer. Which is a really nice thing that Sony does here.

For PS4 players, PlayStation Plus is a really necessary subscription service. It allows you to play games online against other people. You can also get discounts on new games from the PlayStation Store, as well as other content. And on top of that, Sony gives out free games to PlayStation Plus members every single month. These usually aren’t the most popular games, but free games are free games. One of the most popular games of all time, was a free game on PlayStation Plus, and that’s Rocket League.


At $42 for a year of PlayStation Plus, you’re paying about $3.50 per month. That’s cheaper than every other streaming service out there, and about a quarter of the price of Netflix. So it’s worth it for this price, and you won’t need to worry about renewing for another year.

When you purchase PlayStation Plus from Amazon, you will get an email acknowledging your order. Later on, you’ll get one that will instruct you on how to claim your year of PlayStation Plus. There’s no shipping necessary here, which means that you can get your code today, and won’t need to worry about Amazon’s delayed shipping as of late.

You can pick up a year of PlayStation Plus from Amazon today by clicking here, and remember you do not need a discount code to get it for just $41.99.


1-Year PlayStation Plus - Amazon - $42