"Other Devices" Will Get Android 11 Beta Soon


Google launched the first beta of Android 11 today, which is currently for Pixel devices only. But the Android 11 Beta is going to be coming to other devices, in the coming weeks, according to Google's blog post.

The company did not specify which devices would get the update. That will likely be on a per manufacturer basis. And they will likely roll out the update themselves instead of it being Google.

In the past, companies like Essential, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and others, have brought the Android beta to their devices. Though, if you have a Samsung smartphone, don't expect to get the Android 11 Beta.


Android 11 Beta will be rolled out by manufacturers, not Google

Unlike the Pixel, other smartphones will get their Android 11 Beta from their manufacturer. So for example, if the OnePlus 8 gets supported, OnePlus will roll out the update to the device.

That also likely means that the beta will come out a few weeks after Google announces it. Which has been the case in the past. Xiaomi, for example, rolled out the Android 11 Beta a couple of weeks later than Google did. And this is because manufacturers need to adapt the beta to work on their hardware.

The internals is one of the biggest issues with Android and updates. And also one of its strengths. You see the same code that works on a Snapdragon 855 device won't work on a MediaTek device, and so forth. So manufacturers need to do some work to get them supported.


Expect three Android 11 Betas

Google is expecting to do three Android 11 Betas. This is the first one, with another one and the third one will be a release candidate. Which will be almost final. With the only real differences being some bug fixes. As APIs, and everything else will be finalized.

Google is going to be rolling out the stable build of Android 11 in Q3. Likely in August/September. With manufacturers getting the Beta ahead of the stable release in Q3, it means that these manufacturers can roll out updates much faster. Considering OnePlus has been in the program the past few years, and it has rolled out updates much faster – with Android 10 coming in October verus much later. It is very helpful to these companies. As it allows them to start getting their skins ready for the new version of Android. And faster updates is always a good thing for customers.