OPPO Find X2 Series Confirmed To Get Android 11 Beta

OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 5

On Wednesday, Google dropped the first beta for Android 11, after giving us four developer previews. Currently, it’s only available for Pixel smartphones, but according to OPPO the Android 11 Beta will be coming to the Find X2 series. Later this month though.

OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro owners will be able to install the Android 11 Beta on their devices in the very near future. This is just the latest manufacturer to confirm that they will have the Android 11 Beta, and on which devices. Xiaomi also confirmed it.

Why is the Android 11 Beta coming to OPPO Find X2 so much later?

Even though the Android 11 Beta is going to be stock Android on the Find X2, and not using ColorOS, it does still take time to get the beta on the device. OPPO needs to work with its partners like Qualcomm, to get the software ready for the hardware. Since Android has many different hardware configurations, Google can’t just make Android 11 and send it out to every Android device out there at once. Unlike Apple.


So OPPO is working on getting the Android 11 Beta ready for their device right now, and it will roll out later this month.

As with previous betas, the updates for this beta will come from OPPO and not from Google, because of the already mentioned reasons.

What’s new in Android 11?

There’s a lot of new features in Android 11, which you can read our round up here about them.


But Google is focusing on three areas with this update. That’s People, Controls and Privacy. One of the bigger features is the comeback of Bubbles. It’s like Facebook’s Chat Heads for Messenger, but now they work with all messaging apps. So you can reply to your friends and family without having to leave the app you’re currently in. As it works as an overlay over the app.

Google is also bringing some changes to the power menu. It already brought Google Pay to the power menu in a recent feature drop for the Pixel. But now there’s device controls. Allowing you to control your smart home products and other Bluetooth products from the power menu. Which is going to make the power menu a lot more useful. And the Google Home app already supports the API too.

There’s a few other features coming in Android 11 too. This isn’t a huge update, but definitely a good one for Android. Since the OS is pretty mature at this point, there’s not a lot that’s going to change.