OnePlus Z Could Be Cheaper Than iPhone SE (2020)

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Since Apple launched the iPhone SE (2020) in April, there’s been a lot of praise, mostly about the price. Now, the upcoming OnePlus Z might actually be cheaper than the iPhone SE (2020), which would be quite the feat for OnePlus, and would help OnePlus move a good amount of units too.

The OnePlus Z is basically the successor to the OnePlus X that it announced a few years ago. Which was a much cheaper “flagship” smartphone. Since then, OnePlus has only focused on premium devices. However, that is changing in 2020. And the OnePlus Z is supposedly being announced on July 10.

OnePlus co-founder hints at $299 price tag in tweet

Carl Pei, one of the co-founders of the company, hinted in a tweet today that the OnePlus Z could be priced at $299.


Now, here you’re going to need to read in between the lines a little bit. But basically, he said “It’s been a while…” and then linked to the OnePlus tweet announcing the OnePlus One back in April 2014.

The OnePlus One debuted in April 2014, for a price of $299. That was for a smartphone with 16GB of RAM – which was the norm back then. And then for $50 more, you could jump up to the 64GB model.

This, of course, does not mean that the OnePlus Z would be priced at $299, but it does sound very likely. OnePlus does normally undercut competitors with its smartphones, and where this device is more of a “mid-range” smartphone, getting under that $299 price could be pretty easy for OnePlus.


Undercutting the iPhone SE would be brilliant for OnePlus

The iPhone SE (2020) is currently available for $399. Which is getting it a lot of praise since it is running the same chipset as the iPhone 11 lineup, but brings things like Touch ID back.

So if OnePlus is able to do the OnePlus Z for $299, that would be a brilliant move for OnePlus. Especially since the Pixel 4a is delayed again for some unknown reason.

OnePlus does have a cult following, but if would definitely be able to expand its following with a $299 smartphone that isn’t terrible. And that’s what we’re expecting from the OnePlus Z. Of course, we’ll still need to wait until OnePlus officially launches the phone. And where it is rumored to be announced in India, it could be a phone that’s made for India only. That is OnePlus’ biggest market, so it does make sense that it focuses it there.