OnePlus Enlists Its Community To Design A Branded Jacket


OnePlus wants to create a jacket for its brand, and it wants the community to design it.

To that end, it's holding a contest that it just announced over on the OnePlus forums. The contest tasks community members with designing a OnePlus jacket and then sending in those submissions.

OnePlus will then narrow down which designs it likes best, and pick a couple of winners out of the top choices. Initially, OnePlus will internally decide which designs deserve to move forward, narrowing things down to eight potential final winners.


Once the company finds the eight it likes best internally, it'll turn votes over to the community. The winners will then be chosen based on who gets the most votes out of those eight entrants.

Each of the two winners will get a OnePlus Jacket of their very own

The best part perhaps of this contest, for those that want one, is that the winners will each get a jacket.

While the overall goal is to have a jacket designed for the brand, winners receiving one is part of the incentive to participate in the contest. What's more is that OnePlus may end up selling them down the road.


In the contest description the company says only its core users will get to own one. It's not exactly clear what means. OnePlus could have plans to only make them available for sale to anyone who participates in the design contest.

OnePlus specifically says "core users" so that could mean only the people that submit designs or both those users and the ones that vote. In either case, it may never properly go on sale for anyone that wants to buy one like the company's phones and accessories.

Winners will also get a trip to the next physical OnePlus event

A special edition of the community jacket is only one part of the rewards for the winners.


In addition to that, the two people that OnePlus chooses will also get a trip to the next physical company launch event. This will include a VIP ticket to get in, as well as a return flight and a one-night accommodation for a hotel.

OnePlus doesn't make this very clear, but since it's not mentioned, the winners may have to supply their own airfare tickets to the event. With the company only covering the return flights.

Even if that's the case, airfare out to the event would still be cheaper since the return wouldn't have to paid for. And if winners are only staying for one night then they won't have to pay for the hotel room either. Which sounds like a pretty sweet deal for hardcore OnePlus fans.