'OnePlus App' Is In The Works With Tons Of Integrated Content

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According to a report from XDA, OnePlus is developing a new Android application that will integrate various services. The name of the app will be ‘OnePlus’ app.

OnePlus App for Android will integrate various services from the company

This application will integrate Community, Red Cable Club, E-Commerce, and After-Sales support. The source claims that this post popped up on the OnePlus Red Cable Club, along with the image provided below.

OnePlus App is coming


OnePlus refers to this app as its “next-generation” application, which will provide a seamless experience across all of its services. This app would integrate some functionality from its websites, the OnePlus Care app, and the OnePlus Community app, it seems.

The OnePlus Care app is here for after-sales support, while the OnePlus Community app is for forums and community needs. The Red Cable Club, on the other hand, provides access to a few exclusives for consumers who purchase a OnePlus phone in India.

The company will also integrate personalized content and engagement activities related to photography into this application. That is something the announcement itself, and belonging surveys are indicating.


OnePlus is actually asking for some input from consumers for the design of this application. It is doing that via the aforementioned survey. The company is asking users what section should be prioritized in such an app.

There are various options, including after-sales service and consultation, device health check, buyback values, Red Cable Club, and co-branded merchandise.

The company’s survey contains various questions

There are various additional questions in regard to additional features or services. This application will probably be free to use, though some payment-related questions are included in the survey. They are not related to the price of the app itself, though.


This announcement does not mention the time frame for the release of this app. No indication is given in the questions either. It is quite obvious that OnePlus is still developing the app, though.

Having that in mind, don’t expect it to launch anytime soon. If we had to guess, we’d say that it will land at the end of the year, probably along with the OnePlus 8T series of devices.

The OnePlus 8T series will probably land in November, if everything goes according to plan, and if OnePlus opts to stick to its release cycle. There is, of course, a chance that OnePlus may announce this app sooner than that.


One thing is for sure, the OnePlus App application for Android will be a true mega app. It seems like it will integrate various services from the company, and thus be of use to quite a few people.