NVIDIA Is Preparing GeForce NOW For Android TV Devices

GeForce NOW Platforms

GeForce NOW is making its way to Android TV devices sometime in the near future, according to NVIDIA.

The company has just announced that it’s making the GeForce NOW app available for the UHD3. A set-top box that was just launched by LG U+ in Korea. That’s not the exciting part though. At least not for anyone in the US or other regions outside of Korea.

What this means for global users, is GeForce NOW will be playable on Android TV devices soon. NVIDIA says that once the app is available on the UHD3, it will become accessible on Android TV devices. This is where things get a tad sticky.


GeForce NOW on Android TV devices will not immediately be official

Even though NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service is coming to Android TV, the main question is when.

Presumably, Android TV devices could begin streaming games through the cloud the same day the UHD3 gets the app. Which it sounds like may be today. The thing is no exact times have been confirmed yet. Even when the app is accessible on Android TV devices, it won’t be an official release.

NVIDIA says development is still ongoing. Though it does have plans to put out an official release later on, initially, general support will be in the early stages of development. Which means Android TV device owners will need keep in mind that any access they have is more or less early access.


Leaving NVIDIA room to deploy updates and continue to work on this particular version of the GeForce NOW app. Another thing is that not all Android TV devices will have access.

Only “select” devices will have access

As noted earlier NVIDIA says it doesn’t have anything official to share at this time. It does state though that select Android TV devices will have access to the GeForce NOW app.

Which ones is anyone’s guess. Chances are that if you have an Android TV device, at some point today you may find you can download and install the app. NVIDIA was also pretty clear that experiences may vary when it comes to access.


Some devices that meet the minimum spec requirements might be able to access the GeForce NOW app. But the key word is might. Users with one Android TV device model may have no issues getting the app up and running. While users with another model may not get it to work at all.

The minimum specs needed include support for OpenGL ES 3.2 and at least 2GB of RAM. Android 5.0 or later will also be needed. Again though, experiences may vary and NVIDIA isn’t promising anything yet.

If you have an Android TV, or a set-top box with the tech inside, keep your eyes open. Because GeForce NOW access just might surface for you later today. Even though it will be in the early stages of development, you may still be able to use it. And that’s a plus.