NBC Is Launching Peacock On Multiple Google Platforms This Summer


NBC is gearing up for a full launch of its Peacock streaming service this Summer, and today the network has confirmed it will be available on multiple Google platforms on day one.

This means it will officially be launching for people using these platforms the same day it launches for iOS and Apple TV.

After Peacock launches, it'll cost $5 or $10 a month depending on the plan that customers choose. It'll also be free for a time to give users the ability to check things out first. In all it won't cost a dime until October. Giving users a four-month window. Think of it like an extended trial period.


NBC will launch Peacock on Google Chromecast, Android, and Android TV day one

Peacock will officially be launching on July 15 and when it does, it'll be available on the major platforms that Google has under its belt, including Chromecast, Android, and Android TV.

Android and Android TV users will be reaping benefits. As they will be able to use Peacock between July 15 and October 15 completely free.

This will be for the Peacock Premium plans. As NBC also plans to launch a Peacock free tier that will come with the same general amount of content, but a little bit less. It'll also have ads.


For Peacock Premium, users will eventually have to choose between the $5 and $10 Premium options. These are only separated by one having ads and the other being ad-free. When it comes to actual content, both will have the same stuff available for viewing, and obviously more available than the free tier.

Peacock will be the exclusive service for a couple of top shows

Peacock Premium won't be free to Android users forever. But fans of some of NBC's top shows may not care that they'll have to eventually pony up.

NBC is the network for top shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Both are currently available to stream on Netflix. But both services will also be leaving Netflix sometime in 2021 when the contract to stream those two shows ends.


Which means NBC will have something to draw in viewers. And viewers who are not yet subscribers of Peacock will have a reason to consider paying money to check it out. Or at the very least deal with ads while subscribing to the free tier option.

If you're looking forward to testing Peacock for yourself, you can do so via the Android app in just a matter of weeks at no cost.