Recent Motorola Edge+ Update Isn't Solving The Display Problem


Motorola's flagship Motorola Edge+ is showing a severe display problem for some users and the problem may not be fixable via an update, based on a recent report detailing the matter.

The problem was first reported via Motorola's support forums near the end of May before exploding into a 7-page array of complaints. As shown through images shared on that forum, it takes the form of spotting and green tinting in the device's display panel. Users noted that the problem seemed to appear after long periods of screen-on time. Then, after letting the device 'cool down', the problem would temporarily go away.

The green overlay and black spotting returned after users picked up their phones for another long session.


Motorola responded with a firmware update that started its rollout on Verizon last week.

The Motorola Edge+ display problem doesn't seem to be fixed

Despite the above-mentioned update and several others released since the handset launched, the Motorola Edge+ display problem doesn't appear to be going away for everybody. Based on continuing reports and responses at the associated online forums, the update only worked for some users. And Motorola forum admin Matt has indicated that the problem may no longer be fixable either.

Among his most recent messages, the admin took to the forums to thank users for their patience in waiting for the update. But he also had some bad news for users experiencing the Motorola Edge+ display problem. Or at least, that's going to be the case for those users who have already received the update. The admin asks users to give it "a day or two" and then reach out to Verizon.


If the problem doesn't self-correct, users will need to "exchange the phone" with the carrier.

Otherwise, Motorola's forum rep says that the update should prevent the issue from occurring on future devices. But this particular problem may extend well beyond a small batch of phones or a software fix.

In addition to the devices that are already reporting the issue, some users are reporting that their replacement device has the same problems. The symptoms and underlying activity leading to the problem remain the same too. Typically, the green tint and black splotches appear after watching a video or using the phone for extended periods.


So, getting in touch with Verizon for the exchange does seem like a plausible first step. But it may not ultimately solve things for a significant number of users.

This is too expensive a phone to have these kinds of issues quietly

Now, Motorola isn't the only company to suffer a high-profile failure in its devices. At the very least, it can be said that the phones aren't exploding or catching on fire. But users are paying $1,000 for the gadget. Or, conversely, they're paying $41.66 per month for 24 months through a Verizon payment option. And that's a lot of money for consumers to spend on a device that may have this issue.

Motorola has been mum on the matter in the meantime, not giving away any details as to what the underlying Edge+ display problem might be.


Verizon is, in the meantime, selling the handset at a heavy discount.