Microsoft Could Unveil A Second New Xbox Console This Summer


Rumors are starting to circulate that Microsoft has another new Xbox console to reveal to consumers.

According to a new report from The Verge, the company will unveil its second new Xbox later this Summer. This would likely be a less expensive version of the upcoming Xbox Series X, and could launch towards the end of the year. At the same time as it's more powerful counterpart.

The new console is reportedly codenamed Lockhart, and was set for a June reveal. June is now just about over though. And Microsoft hasn't revealed anything about this second Xbox.


Microsoft may reveal the new Xbox console in August

Rumors suggest that the company is going to unveil this additional Xbox model in August.

The original report comes from Eurogamer, who states that the second console will be called the Xbox Series S. The next-gen version of the Xbox One S – a less powerful console that doesn't offer things such as 4K games.

No doubt that the Xbox Series S will also be cheaper to buy. So there will certainly be a market for it. There's still a little over a month to go before August hits. So if Microsoft does indeed have a reveal planned for that month, more details may pop up leading to it.


The Xbox Series S will come with a little more than half the RAM of the Series X

Details from leaked documents state that the Series S will have the same speed CPU as the Series X. But only a little more than half of the RAM.

Not to mention a third of the GPU power at 4 teraflops compared to 12. If this information is accurate, then consumers can probably expect noticeable differences in between the two console options.

Still, the console will be cheaper. And more money saved on the console means more money to spend on games or other things. Not everyone is going to need 4K gaming. Hence why Microsoft is reportedly going to offer consumers the option of getting something that won't cost as much, at the cost of losing 4K.


If all of this pans out, it's a smart play by Microsoft. Sony may have just the one version of its PS5 available when it launches later this year. So even if it's not as expensive as some have speculated, Microsoft could gain a leg up by having both the more expensive model and the cheaper model available for the holidays.