Lenovo Puts Its Chromebook 3 In An 11-Inch Package With Improvements

Lenovo Chromebook 3 11 presser 01

Lenovo has now unveiled a new addition to its Chromebook 3 lineup, bolstering at least a few of the original gadget’s specs in a more portable 11-inch package, Chrome Unboxed reports. The improvements start at the Chromebook 3 11’s 11.6-inch TN LCD display panel, which has been pushed to 250 nits.

That’s up from the 220 nits found on the 14-inch version. And that’s been packed into a new dual-tone gray frame too, complete with redesigned texturing on one portion.

The storage is changing here as well. While Lenovo opted to utilize the same RAM — 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, to be exact — that’s been bumped to 64GB. The figure represents a doubling of the storage found in the original Chromebook 3 14.


Of course, the smaller size also equates to a slightly lower weight. The 11-inch Chromebook 3 from Lenovo tips the scales at 2.47 lbs instead of 3.09 lbs.

What else does the Lenovo Chromebook 3 11 bring to the table?

Aside from the changes noted above, everything else with the new Chromebook 3 11 appears to be the same. The company opted to carry forward the lay-flat design, for example. So this isn’t a 2-in-1 tablet-like Chromebook but a more traditional clamshell.

Its HD 1366×768 resolution display is coupled with a similarly specced webcam too, at 720p. Below that, surrounding the keyboard, are the same ports and plugs on the original. That means users are getting two USB Type-C (Gen 1, USB 3.1) ports for charging, transfers, and display capabilities. Those are backed by two further standard USB ports from the same generation of USB.

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For those who need a little added physical security, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 11 also features a Kensington security lock.

A 3.5mm audio combo jack is present for audio listening or recording and a MicroSD card reader is present. That’s just in case 64GB of storage isn’t enough to hold all of the user’s media — or the available Android and Linux apps and games. Bluetooth 4.2 takes care of wireless audio and accessories. External audio is handled via two 2-watt speakers.

Chrome OS, of course, manages everything under the hood. And the auto-updates for that won’t come to an end until June 2026.


Driving all of the processing is an Intel Celeron N4020 chip clocked at up to 2.8GHz over two cores and two threads. The chip can provide a claimed up to 10-hours of battery life on a single charge.

Pricing for this Chromebook is surprisingly well thought out

In terms of pricing and availability, there haven’t been any specific regions specified for the Chromebook 3 11 from Lenovo. But pricing is set in a way that’s sure to be appealing to anybody looking for a secondary computing device in a portable package. Or for a new laptop for the family.

Lenovo set the bar for the original Chromebook 3 in a 14-inch package at $249. The new 11-inch variant provides the above improvements at around $229 at retail too. So users are paying a slightly lower cost, sacrificing some screen real estate for a better display panel and double the storage space. Lenovo is selling the Chrome OS gadget via its official store site now.