Jumbo Controls Mobile Privacy in One App

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An app that controls all your phones privacy under one app is something that makes a lot of sense and that is what Jumbo is. As Engadget reports, with the number of data breaches reported in the past few years the focus on data privacy has heavily increased. For example, Twitter just recently had to apologise for a data breach for its business clients. Android 11 beta also had a heavy privacy focus in the new update.

The app syncs all your privacy settings and analyses what they are. It then offers you recommendations on which ones you should consider changing. The idea is essentially to fill in the gaps of data privacy which platforms such as Facebook miss.

Jumbo – A Privacy App You Can Trust?

Jumbo has now bee around for about a year or so and has been very popular in that time. With increased sensitivity around data security more and more people are looking for the software they can trust in this area. So far the app has been free and as a result, people have flocked to it.


Many have found it useful but the challenge will be as Jumbo looks to move towards a paid tiered system will customers remain. Data Privacy is important to people but what price they are willing to put on this could be stumbling block for the company.

New Features for Jumbo

The app is increasing its scope now by introducing its services to Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. A new feature can also block ad trackers while you browse and use other apps. These changes generally represent the next evolution of the app. Rather than an overhaul, they can more be looked at as a progression.

With these updates, Jumbo is introducing a paid model to make the business much more profit-orientated. There will be two paid tiers Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro. Jumbo Plus offers support for Instagram and Messenger. It also offers the ability to keep tabs on data breaches affecting you.

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Jumbo Pro does everything mentioned above as well as support for LinkedIn and ad-tracking prevention. It also comes with integration with Spycloud. This software can detect credit card information and other personal details.

Jumbo hopes these offerings will be enough to entice users to buy the paid system. The company is offering a "pay what you think is fair" system which ranges from $2.99 to $14.99 a month. Estimates suggest the app will need 100,000 paying customers to make the product profitable and sustainable.

The bet is that people are willing to pay a small sum of money in order to regain some of the privacy many feel they have lost in recent years. Time will only tell whether this is the case but all in all, Jumbo appears to be a strong service. Whether it is value for money though is another question.