The Newest Luxury Wear OS Smartwatch Is The Hublot Big Bang e


Luxury Wear OS smartwatches don't make up a large portion of the market but they are out there, and the Hublot Big Bang e is the latest one to arrive.

Earlier this morning Hublot announced the Big bang e, its newest smartwatch that runs on Wear OS and is made with premium materials like titanium and sapphire crystal.

Even the screws used for the strap and clasp are made of titanium. All that comes at a cost though. Because this watch is well over the cost of other luxury Wear OS smartwatches such as the TAG Heuer Connected.


The Hublot Big Bang e retails for as much as $5,800

Premium quality is often set at a high price and it's no different in this case.

The most expensive version of Hublot's new smartwatch retails for $5,800. That model comes with a microblasted and polished black ceramic case instead of the titanium one. Though it still has the titanium screws and sapphire crystal screen.

Even the titanium model costs nearly three times as much as the TAG Heuer Connected 45 (which retails for $1,800 for a single watch) at $5,200. This isn't your standard Wear OS smartwatch when it comes to brand and materials used. So you won't be paying the standard price.


And Hublot is making that abundantly clear. What you're paying for is of course the brand-name and the high-quality materials. Because when it comes to the hardware components you're getting the same as every other Wear OS smartwatch out there.

The usual hardware components across the board

Hublot may be able to use higher quality materials than most other brands. The watch is still limited though in what it can use for the hardware components on the inside.

Like most other Wear OS smartwatches out there, the Big Bang e is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor from Qualcomm. It's also got 1GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard memory.


Both models of the watch are using an AMOLED display and come in a 42mm case size. Which means it won't be too big or too small. Both also feature a water resistance rating of 3ATM and a black rubber strap.

Hublot is releasing the watch presumably sometime this year though it hasn't mentioned an exact date yet. When it does launch, it will be available in the US, Europe, China, and the UK. At first you will only be able to buy the watch online, but eventually Hublot will sell it in physical stores.

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